Thursday, December 17, 2009

Spreading Good Cheer
Today some fellow Moms and I took our kids to my Grandpa's nursing home to decorate a Christmas tree with ornaments we made at a playdate a couple of weeks ago. The kids, ranging in age from 2-4 did an excellent job decorating, but had even more fun with a cardboard box.
Reagan and Nolan playing on the ramps until their friends arrived.
Reagan and Sarah decorating the tree.
The supervisors taking a break! Nolan and his friend, Matt.
First it was a box, then a sleigh, and finally a bed. Even though most of the kids are too young to understand the joy they brought today, it was still a nice way to teach the lesson.

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DianeS said...

O.K. All better now :)

They are so sweet. Your heart must melt every day.