Monday, March 31, 2008

First Home Opener!

A first I forgot!

Babies 1st Indians Home Opener.

This used to be a big deal in our household. Bill had been to every HO for years. We took a break one year as a trip to Puerto Vallarta overlapped opening day and being 7.5 months pregnant with twins last year, I opted out.

During the game last year, I was envisioning that in '08 we would dress the kids in their Tribe gear and head down to the JAKE, as a family, to check out the brick we bought Daddy for Father's Day in the Heritage Park.
That is not happening.

First, we forgot to get tickets and it sold out in like 5 minutes. Second, it is not the JAKE anymore :-( Third, Daddy is in San Francisco. No family experience happening today. Since it is supposed to be a nicer day, I actually thought about taking the kids downtown just to experience the Opening Day Atmosphere.
Who am I kidding.
After being up half the night with a barfing CAT --not kid---CAT, and going to gym and swim at the Y this morning, I'm not going to be up for dragging these kids anywhere! We'll send Grammy out for some baseball game food and sit in front of the TV... for the 5 minutes the kids will allow me without wanting to climb all over me. On second thought, maybe I will take them to a restaurant so I can actually see an inning or two! LOL

Anyway, GO TRIBE!!! I'll probably end up catching the score on the news, if I can stay awake that long. Please, no barfing tonight Chandler!

I set up some templates in photoshop last night and had hoped to get some good pictures of Reagan and Nolan in their outfits. I guess I need to lower my expectations of "good" photos of 2 10-month olds! LOL Here are some outtakes :)

Friday, March 28, 2008

So Many New Things

It seems like a switch got turned on inside Reagan and Nolan in the last couple of weeks. They are really trying to communicate. Reagan started clapping and hasn't stopped. Nolan began making these noises with his lips and tongue, that neither Bill or I can duplicate. They both figured out how to crawl up the stairs. Yes, gates are being installed ASAP. Nolan is getting faster and faster at furniture walking and Reagan let go of both my hands for a brief second and stood before grabbing back on.

I'm trying to work on the kids 1st birthday party invitations. I've got it pretty much how I want it and I just need a "now" photo of the kids. I got them dressed in their birthday onesies the other day and tried to take a decent photo. Reagan has started this new thing and when she sees the camera she wrinkles up her nose and face like she is smelling poopy! EVERY.SINGLE.PICTURE looks like this. Help me!!!!!

On a somber note, my cousin JoAnne's brother-in-law passed away this week. He was 47. You'll remember that JoAnne lost her husband, Joe, a couple of years ago and he was barely 40. No mother should have to bury two of her sons. Just a reminder to hug your loved ones a little tighter tonight since you never know what tomorrow will bring.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Go Ahead, Have A Good Laugh

On Friday we became one of those people. The people that used to drive nice cars until they have children and then suddenly, a rolling jumble of storage compartments, power doors, and 18 cupholders suddenly become cool.

Yes, we have become mini-van owners!
I have to say, while it is nothing special to drive, the Dodge Grand Caravan is really nice and comfortable. It has a ton of storage and the middle row of seats fold completely into the floor. Another feature I find really awesome are the tailgate seats. The rear seats turn around and you can sit in them when you are tailgating or at the drive-in. These will come in handy when we go to Browns games this year..... and we will be going to more than the one game we went to last season!
Don't worry, there is no way in Hell Bill will ever give up being a Porsche owner, so when the urge to really DRIVE a car hits, we can still do that. (Bill adds: damn-straight, skippy. I gotta admit that it rides well, there are no hauling issues with this thing, it has a LOT of features including free Sirius for a year, and between the tier-I supplier discount and a wheelbarrow full of rebates they practically PAID us to drive it off the lot.)

Easter was awesome this year!!! The kids had a great time, we shared the day with my mom, Sam & Deb, John & Jan, and Joey. The food was fabulous. From the $120 ham we had for a starter (Bill adds: that's $120 a pound Iberian ham, that has a texture like butter), to the panettone bread pudding, it was all SO good. I had to take three pictures to get all of the food in. The kids looked so cute dressed up, they ate a little bit of everything, and they played with all their new stuff. An all around wonderful day.

Kids all ready for Easter

The next three are compliments of Ed Chuey. Uncle Ed and Aunt Eleanor are both great photographers and they caught some cute moments between Reagan and Grammy, Nolan and his ears, and Reagan being Reagan.

Easter Morning

Stuffing, grilled asparagus w/balsamic reduction, honey-mustard glazed turkey

smoked kielbsa, bread, cheesy corn bake

braised cabbage, ham, and amish style mashed potatoes

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Not Impressed With The Rabbit

They didn't cry, but they didn't crack a smile either!

Reagan was busy pulling her ears off and once those came off she started going after the real ones. Nolan tentatively touched the fur, but quickly drew his hand back.

Easter is the last of the "first" holidays for the kids. That makes me very sad since we will probably not experience first holidays ever again. I guess we could celebrate some lesser known days to get a few more "firsts". For example, National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day , Hug a Newsman Day , No Housework Day ,Pig in a Blanket Day , Hug an Australian Day , National Shrimp Scampi Day.

Bill adds: There are a few more Holiday "firsts" that I have been waiting on, with gleeful anticipation

4/11 International Louie Louie Day

4/30 Beltane / Walpurgisnacht (an alternative to May Day, which will never recover from its preemption by the commies. All those bolsheviks out there banging their shoes still don't get it).

Also, today, a very Happy Snowman Burning Day to you!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Week In Review

I'm glad to see that the blog has an active following..... I've been scolded four times in the last couple of days for not doing an update this week!

It has been a pretty ho-hum week, plus Reagan and I are sick. I could feel it coming on yesterday, but I was in denial because I had a Mommy's Day out planned and I was not changing plans. I even went to the Y and worked out, hoping to fight off the cold that way. Didn't work.

We did our usual Gym and Swim on Monday and Aunt Deb came along to help. Everyone had a good time and we can't wait to play again with Aunt Deb.

Playing at gym time..... and Nolan finding a new place to play..... in the locker room.

Wednesday my mom, the kids, and I did some shopping at another MoM (mom of multiples) house for some summer clothes for Nolan. We got a ton of nice stuff for him. We met Daddy and, at the last minute Aunt Connie was able to join us for dinner at the Winking Lizard. Reagan and Nolan also sat in snow for the first time, they were not impressed. More of an ick sensation.

Paula is on Spring Break from class so on Thursday we drove down to the Plain Dealer so I could drop off some photos for a travel photo contest and then we lunced at Pacers. I've seen the competition and I have no delusions that I will win, but what the heck.

Reagan was just getting sick in this pic, you can see it in her eyes.

Saturday was my Mommy Day with Carrie & Jen. We hit Shaker Square's Indoor Farmers Market, had a great lunch at Flying Cranes (Udon Noodle bowl hit the spot!), shopped for yarn (for Jen...Carrie and I only wish we could knit!), and then hit On The Rise, a phenominal artisinal bakery. I picked up my fave, an epi- good crusty bread that goes so well with some goat cheese and a chocolate raspberry tart. It was a great day and look forward to a time we can do it again.

Some friends came to help Bill later Saturday and he made dinner to thank them. It was a yummy pork stuffed beef roasted served over cheesy grits and honey carrots. The grits hit the spot for me, nothing like something like that when you are coming down with a cold. Nolan and Reagan enjoyed playing with Mark & Karen's 3-year old daughter, while I enjoyed oohing and ahhing at their 10 week son. Gosh, I miss holding Reagan and Nolan when they were that small. Uncle John got some electrical work done so the washer and dryer are back on-line.
There you have it :-)

Thursday, March 6, 2008


When the kids take a bath,we listen to kid-oriented CD's (Daddy has other ideas since The Foo Fighters disc was left in the player after he did baths last weekend.) So we are doing the Hokey, Pokey (what if that really is what it's all about?!), Itsy, Bitsy Spider, and Old McDonald. Next on the CD is the song "You Are My Sunshine." I've heard this song a million times, but today was the first day I LISTENED to it. What an awfully depressing song.

See for youself. With my comments.

You Are My Sunshine
You are my sunshine,
my only sunshine
you make me happy when skies are gray
you'll never know dear,
how much I love you,
please don't take my sunshine away.

OK, not so bad. First couple of lines are cute, but wait a minute, where might his"sunshine" be going and why? I bet you were even singing along, weren't ya?

The other night dear, as I lay sleeping,
I dreamed I held you in my arms,
but when I woke dear, I was mistaken,
and I hung my head and cried.

Aw, so sad. Why are his arms empty? Don't cry. You'll find someone else.

You are my sunshine,
my only sunshine
you make me happy when skies are gray
you'll never know dear,
how much I love you,
please don't take my sunshine away.

I'll always love you and make you happy
if you will only say the same
but if you leave me to love another
you'll regret it all some day

What? "You'll regret it all some day?" What does that mean? Will she just be sad or is he going to do something to MAKE her regret loving another? What kind of song am I playing for the kids?


You told me once dear you really loved me
that no one else could come between
but now you've left me and love another
you have shattered all my dreams.

ALL his dreams are shattered? That is so sad. That cheating bitch!

Words and Music byJimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell
recorded in 1931by(Governor) Jimmie Davis

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Blah, Blah, Blah

Cold. Snow. Rain. Snow melts. Sunshine. Clipper coming. More snow. and on. and on. What did that damn groundhog say anyway?

We were stuck in the house for most of the week due to a snowstorm that closed schools for a couple of days in the area. We played, watched our sign language video a few times, and cleaned out the kids dressers. Finally on Friday we got out and took the kids to the Y for more swimming fun. They did really well this time. Without other kids to induce a panic, they got into being in the water quickly. Nolan was moving his body like his feet were a fin and Reagan loved floating on her back.

On Saturday morning, I got to go to the Y on my own. It was so nice to walk on a treadmill and ride a bike and just zone out for a while. That is right, I am saying exercise was nice! No worrying about who was touching the TV, banging their head, being hungry, needing a diaper, etc. Just me being me for a little while.

I picked the kids and my mom up and then headed to Wild Oats and Trader Joe's. Never again on a Saturday will I step foot in Trader Joe's. Besides the fact that they don't carry my favorite quick marinade anymore, the place was a zoo. Why, why, why does TJ's do this? As soon as I fall in love with an item, they stop carrying it. At least this is not as bad as when they discontinued the rice crackers that were getting me through my first trimester. Talk about almost going postal! Nolan was so over it by the time we got to the check out. Reagan was dancing in the shopping cart and having a grand time a few aisles over with Grammy. Nolan was so tired, yet never really got a good nap, thus this is what happened during dinner with Aunt Jan and Uncle John! Really, it does not reflect on the company ;-) We had a wonderful evening, as we always do with John & Jan.
Poor sleepy boy.

Today my mom and I took the kids to the Y to swim again. It is rough for my mom with her back problems so I have to do all the heavy lifting. She helps out as much as she can and I know it is frustrating for her to not be able to do more. It is getting so hard for me to carry both kids for any length of time though. They are pushing twenty lbs. each, so it is exhausting. I am determined that they will do all the things I'd do if we only had a singleton. They are not going to miss out on anything due to the logistics of being a twin. I've got a hip carrier I'm going to have to dig out so my back gets a little break though.

Now that Miss Reagan is standing a lot, her clumsy side has come out. She looks like she ran through the woods with reckless abandon. Scratches and bruises abound. She just needs to learn to sit down slowly to get back to crawling instead of taking a header against the corner guard on the end table so hard that she rips the guard off as she falls.
That is it from our corner of the world. Hope you are doing well in yours!