Saturday, March 15, 2008

Week In Review

I'm glad to see that the blog has an active following..... I've been scolded four times in the last couple of days for not doing an update this week!

It has been a pretty ho-hum week, plus Reagan and I are sick. I could feel it coming on yesterday, but I was in denial because I had a Mommy's Day out planned and I was not changing plans. I even went to the Y and worked out, hoping to fight off the cold that way. Didn't work.

We did our usual Gym and Swim on Monday and Aunt Deb came along to help. Everyone had a good time and we can't wait to play again with Aunt Deb.

Playing at gym time..... and Nolan finding a new place to play..... in the locker room.

Wednesday my mom, the kids, and I did some shopping at another MoM (mom of multiples) house for some summer clothes for Nolan. We got a ton of nice stuff for him. We met Daddy and, at the last minute Aunt Connie was able to join us for dinner at the Winking Lizard. Reagan and Nolan also sat in snow for the first time, they were not impressed. More of an ick sensation.

Paula is on Spring Break from class so on Thursday we drove down to the Plain Dealer so I could drop off some photos for a travel photo contest and then we lunced at Pacers. I've seen the competition and I have no delusions that I will win, but what the heck.

Reagan was just getting sick in this pic, you can see it in her eyes.

Saturday was my Mommy Day with Carrie & Jen. We hit Shaker Square's Indoor Farmers Market, had a great lunch at Flying Cranes (Udon Noodle bowl hit the spot!), shopped for yarn (for Jen...Carrie and I only wish we could knit!), and then hit On The Rise, a phenominal artisinal bakery. I picked up my fave, an epi- good crusty bread that goes so well with some goat cheese and a chocolate raspberry tart. It was a great day and look forward to a time we can do it again.

Some friends came to help Bill later Saturday and he made dinner to thank them. It was a yummy pork stuffed beef roasted served over cheesy grits and honey carrots. The grits hit the spot for me, nothing like something like that when you are coming down with a cold. Nolan and Reagan enjoyed playing with Mark & Karen's 3-year old daughter, while I enjoyed oohing and ahhing at their 10 week son. Gosh, I miss holding Reagan and Nolan when they were that small. Uncle John got some electrical work done so the washer and dryer are back on-line.
There you have it :-)

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