Sunday, September 27, 2009

This Place Is Like The Crazy Waterpark Show
Once in a while, as Reagan and Nolan are getting ready for bed they catch a few minutes of the show "Wipeout". Reagan dubbed it the "Crazy Waterpark" show. When we walked into Kalahari, the world's largest indoor waterpark, (something I didn't know until we watched the commercial on the hotel TV 5,000 times), Reagan yelled, "It's like the crazy waterpark show in here!" From that moment, their little legs took off and they didn't stop for 26 hours. Well, they did sleep, but I bet they were sliding, riding the waves, and floating down the lazy river in their sleep. I know I was.
I was totally impressed with Kalahari from a service standpoint and the fun factor. The fact that they have an adult swim-up bar helps too! There is something for everyone and all the employees went out of their way to help. (Yes, I know it is their job, but unlike another waterpark just down the street, people actually smiled and talked to you when you didn't expect it.) The gentlemen that helped us with our bags even gave us a tip on how to get in the waterpark without having to go through the arcade. Something I should have tipped him $100 for because that is probably what he saved us in cash and sanity!
Reagan warmed up right away and was slippin' and slidin' over and over. Nolan took about an hour to adjust and then he discovered the fun too.
Bill even rode some, including the slide that is like a toilet bowl. He said it was 8 seconds of terror in the dark and then swirling around about 4 times before being dumped (maybe that is not a good work to use when I compare the ride to a toilet bowl) into 6 ft of water. Very disorienting, but an adrenaline rush. Good thing he didn't do it while he was all "hopped" up on the Ju-Ju IPA the night before.
I opted for the more serene rides. The lazy river would be a good place to spend an afternoon and I enjoyed the wave pool, it even tasted like salt water. I could close my eyes and pretend I was 12 years old and vacationing at New Smyrna Beach, FL.
The babes have never slept outside their crib, unless they are in bed with us (when they are sick, teething, etc). We decided we'd forgo renting the pack 'n plays and put a mattress on the floor in their room. Oh yes, I said "their" room. I scored an awesome deal of $99 for a $350 suite. Going back to one room is going to be tough. Anyway, Nolan was out within a minute of being tucked in and Reagan was about 90 seconds behind him. They haven't slept together in 2 years, since we separated them at 5 months. It was just like old times.
Notice that Nolan has his paci loaded and ready to go on his finger!
Reminded me of this......4 weeks old.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Air Show Hey, better late than never.
(Not sure which "kid" had the most fun!)
We were lucky to be guest of a beer distributor at the airshow. For Angie and I, it was a place out of the sun to feed our kids and let them enjoy the planes. For Ed and Bill it was probably the 3rd happiest day of their lives. (They'd better say the birth of their children and their wedding days are #1 & #2.) Surrounded by FREE beer, malt beverages, powerade, food, and front row seats to the airshow is not an awful way to spend the day!
Unfortunately, Nolan's fever returned just as we were finishing lunch and he got into my lap and curled up and tried to go to sleep. He has never do that, so I knew we were not long for the airshow. Reagan was out dancing around Bill as he took pictures of a demo (no idea what it was and I've still not given Bill the password to the blog after he made some comments I didn't enjoy, so we will never know which plane it was. Hey, my blog I can do what I want.) and having a grand time until the plane turned on it's burner (or whatever makes the loud noises) and scared her almost out of her skin! It was time for us to go. After that both she and Nolan put their hands on their ears and that is where they stayed until we got in the car. I did get some fun pictures, so here you go:

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Zoo It was such a pretty day, so we headed to the zoo (and we had free tickets to use for the Bommerang train before the end of the month and I can't let anything free go to waste.) It would have been a perfect day, had it not been for the darn yellow jackets. They are most annoying this time of year. One even made it's way into the van as I was loaded up the stroller. I didn't realize it until I heard Nolan saying "Shoo fly, don't bother me!" A flamingo who thinks he's a peacock. Giving Grammy some love on the tram. So's hard work being a koala. Gratuitous shot of my boys long eyelashes. Reagan is not afraid of sharks anymore. More pics:

Friday, September 11, 2009

Pitt Day 2 Incline & Fatheads
In all the years I've been traveling to Uniontown, PA & the Pittsburgh area in general, I've always wanted to ride one of the inclines, but never got around to it. I love that having kids is allowing me to experience things I've always wanted to do, but also getting to see it through the eyes of two year olds.
We all really enjoyed the Duquesne incline and the views. Well, not the view of Three Rivers Stadium, come on, our family bleeds orange and brown.
We made the requisite stop at Fatheads Saloon for lunch after the incline. Even though they built a Fatheads on the far west side of C-town, we get to the one it Pittsburgh just as much. Bill loves all the beers they have and their food, enough for several meals, is very good. Wearing the shirt, drinking the beer :)
Can you smell the garlic?
Pushing in those garlic fries! The epitome of our girl.
After lunch we stopped at Ikea, which turned into a cluster f&*^ due to miscommunication about changing diapers and Reagan and I walked through the whole store 2 times to look for Nolan & Daddy. Ended up being our cheapest Ikea trip ever since we spent all our time looking for each other and not at stuff! You'd think after all that, the kids would have passed right out. Nolan did, but not Chatty Cathy. She talked our ear off from the Ikea parking lot to the Sonic Parking lot in Streetsboro. The ice cream finally gave her a reason to stop talking! It was actually cool because we didn't take the turnpike home, but instead took back roads. There was a lot of farm type stuff for Reagan to enjoy and we enjoyed her running commentary. More pics:

Thursday, September 10, 2009

We Interrupt This Blog.....

For Roseola.

High fever for 3 days followed by a rash. Two calls to the doctors office, yet they never wanted to see Nolan and then they decide we should go to the E.R. after taking 2 hours to return the call. Glad it wasn't a real emergency. All the while we NEVER spoke with our doctor, just whoever happened to get the note. None too pleased with the service and will be looking for a new ped's office. Sad because we really like our ped herself, I just can't take the cattle call that is the Cleveland Clinic anymore.

The E.R. staff looked at us like we had lobsters crawling out of our ears when we told them A.) Our "doctors office" never wanted to see Nolan and B.)That they told us to go to the E.R. for the symptoms he exhibited.

As soon as the rash appeared, I googled the symptoms and within 30 seconds could see that he most likely had Roseola.

While I would never take my child's illness lightly, the symptoms he showed did not warrant an E.R. visit. Of course we took him, probably exposing us to even more germs, for basically nothing.

There is no treatment for Roseola. It just runs its course and will probably have it's way with Reagan in a few days.

So it's lots of indoor play for us for a few days......

Love to build.....

and use the Mega Blocks for "bathtubs"

Nolan's tell-tale sign he is sick....dark marks under his eyes. Just like his Daddy gets.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Storybook Forest Adventure We woke the kids up a little earlier than usual, changed their diapers, and loaded them into the car in their PJ's. Figuring a rest stop after breakfast and snacks would be a good time to get dressed and stretch their legs. It was a good plan. We had a "hillbilly" picnic for breakfast (i.e. eating off of frisbees while in the car) and then the kids played with their bags of car toys and some new things bought especially for the trip. "Are we there yet?" The drive was a tough one as it POURED for a good solid hour. It was white-knuckle driving and I was glad to be the passenger. We hoped that would be our only run-in with bad weather for the day, but that was not to be the case. We were amused with Idlewild's old-fashion charm as we headed straight for Storybook Forest. I visited Storybook Forest as a child, so it was a full-circle kind of moment for me. Nolan enjoyed himself, going in every little house and checking things out. Reagan was more tentative and observed more from the outside. Just as the path through Storybook Forest came to an end, the rain began. Hard to believe I stood in front of the Storybook Forest storybook 30 years ago. Ah, where has the time gone?! "All aboard!"
We actually didn't mind the rain since it chased most of the yellow jackets away. The kids could still ride most of the rides and there were no lines. Who cares that we were soaked? My only concern was my camera, but I managed to keep it pretty dry and still get some good shots. The trolley into Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.
The kids were asleep before we got back to the freeway to head to our hotel in Pittsburgh.
After getting settled in at the hotel, we walked over to Primanti Bros. for some dinner. The kids were still tired and so were Mom & Dad, so it was a quick bite and then back to the room to rest up for the next days adventure. More pics here: Stayed tuned for Day 2 of the Pittsburgh Adventure.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day! It's have been a busy couple of days, but what else is new, right?! We rented a Bobcat with our neighbor to move dirt on Thursday and Bill really didn't stop moving it until Saturday morning. Can you say jelly arms? It is almost done and grass seed will soon be planting, but there will be no keeping Nolan out of "his" woods. The kids got to watch a tree come down in the neighbors backyard. Coming up soon will be the cement truck for the garage floor. Nolan will be in his glory! Saturday we smoked copious amounts of meats and had the framily over for dinner. We ended the evening with a toast to our dearly departed friend, Bryan Duke. What made it more special was that we toasted with Bry's own Super Tuscan. It is a superb vino and I just wish he could be with us to taste the goodness he created. Bryan left us on labor day weekend last year, so he has been on our minds a lot. Nolan has had a bit of a fever on and off since Saturday evening. His little body is fighting something, but it was gone on Sunday morning so we met up with Ed, Angie, Nate, and Chase at the airshow. The kids enjoyed themselves and so did we. Ed had loge tickets from a supplier so it was free admission, food, and beverage. We even got free parking because some nice people in the car next to us passed us an extra parking pass while in line! Bonus. Total expenditure for the day: $0!!!!! I would have bought the kids a souvenir, but Nolan's fever came back just as we were heading to the loge for lunch so we left shortly after and never went back to the airshow. Next year. (No, she is not slamming a beer, as it appears. That is Powerade.) I'm not really sure which kid had the most fun ;) Today we are staying home and letting everyone recharge and rest (and probably watching Cars three times.) Pictures soon. I have had no time since a sick little boy needs lots of extra cuddles. I still have to work on Storybook Forest/Pittsburgh too!!!! Someday I'll get an hour or two to myself! Hope you have a relaxing day!!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

'struction Heaven Our neighbor is building a new garage, so there has been much excitement in our 'hood. Nolan was SO excited to have "struction" equipment in his very own backyard.
The kids even ate dinner one night while watching the "baby excavator" dig the footers. Dreamin' about driving a front-end loader.
We needed some fill for all the woods that Bill cleared this summer, so it was a perfect place to dump all the dirt they dug for the garage.
"I am King of the mountain." Reagan climbing all the big hills.
The whole neighborhood came over to play!
Since there was about 35 yds (no, I didn't miss a hypen and mean 3-5, it really was about 35) of dirt to be moved, Bill and the neighbor rented a Bobcat and got it spread around today. Bill still did a TON of shoveling and there is still more to do. He worked his a$$ off today and deserves a weekend off, unfortunately, he has to DJ a wedding tomorrow before he can relax al little.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009