Thursday, September 3, 2009

'struction Heaven Our neighbor is building a new garage, so there has been much excitement in our 'hood. Nolan was SO excited to have "struction" equipment in his very own backyard.
The kids even ate dinner one night while watching the "baby excavator" dig the footers. Dreamin' about driving a front-end loader.
We needed some fill for all the woods that Bill cleared this summer, so it was a perfect place to dump all the dirt they dug for the garage.
"I am King of the mountain." Reagan climbing all the big hills.
The whole neighborhood came over to play!
Since there was about 35 yds (no, I didn't miss a hypen and mean 3-5, it really was about 35) of dirt to be moved, Bill and the neighbor rented a Bobcat and got it spread around today. Bill still did a TON of shoveling and there is still more to do. He worked his a$$ off today and deserves a weekend off, unfortunately, he has to DJ a wedding tomorrow before he can relax al little.

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