Sunday, September 27, 2009

This Place Is Like The Crazy Waterpark Show
Once in a while, as Reagan and Nolan are getting ready for bed they catch a few minutes of the show "Wipeout". Reagan dubbed it the "Crazy Waterpark" show. When we walked into Kalahari, the world's largest indoor waterpark, (something I didn't know until we watched the commercial on the hotel TV 5,000 times), Reagan yelled, "It's like the crazy waterpark show in here!" From that moment, their little legs took off and they didn't stop for 26 hours. Well, they did sleep, but I bet they were sliding, riding the waves, and floating down the lazy river in their sleep. I know I was.
I was totally impressed with Kalahari from a service standpoint and the fun factor. The fact that they have an adult swim-up bar helps too! There is something for everyone and all the employees went out of their way to help. (Yes, I know it is their job, but unlike another waterpark just down the street, people actually smiled and talked to you when you didn't expect it.) The gentlemen that helped us with our bags even gave us a tip on how to get in the waterpark without having to go through the arcade. Something I should have tipped him $100 for because that is probably what he saved us in cash and sanity!
Reagan warmed up right away and was slippin' and slidin' over and over. Nolan took about an hour to adjust and then he discovered the fun too.
Bill even rode some, including the slide that is like a toilet bowl. He said it was 8 seconds of terror in the dark and then swirling around about 4 times before being dumped (maybe that is not a good work to use when I compare the ride to a toilet bowl) into 6 ft of water. Very disorienting, but an adrenaline rush. Good thing he didn't do it while he was all "hopped" up on the Ju-Ju IPA the night before.
I opted for the more serene rides. The lazy river would be a good place to spend an afternoon and I enjoyed the wave pool, it even tasted like salt water. I could close my eyes and pretend I was 12 years old and vacationing at New Smyrna Beach, FL.
The babes have never slept outside their crib, unless they are in bed with us (when they are sick, teething, etc). We decided we'd forgo renting the pack 'n plays and put a mattress on the floor in their room. Oh yes, I said "their" room. I scored an awesome deal of $99 for a $350 suite. Going back to one room is going to be tough. Anyway, Nolan was out within a minute of being tucked in and Reagan was about 90 seconds behind him. They haven't slept together in 2 years, since we separated them at 5 months. It was just like old times.
Notice that Nolan has his paci loaded and ready to go on his finger!
Reminded me of this......4 weeks old.

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