Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day! It's have been a busy couple of days, but what else is new, right?! We rented a Bobcat with our neighbor to move dirt on Thursday and Bill really didn't stop moving it until Saturday morning. Can you say jelly arms? It is almost done and grass seed will soon be planting, but there will be no keeping Nolan out of "his" woods. The kids got to watch a tree come down in the neighbors backyard. Coming up soon will be the cement truck for the garage floor. Nolan will be in his glory! Saturday we smoked copious amounts of meats and had the framily over for dinner. We ended the evening with a toast to our dearly departed friend, Bryan Duke. What made it more special was that we toasted with Bry's own Super Tuscan. It is a superb vino and I just wish he could be with us to taste the goodness he created. Bryan left us on labor day weekend last year, so he has been on our minds a lot. Nolan has had a bit of a fever on and off since Saturday evening. His little body is fighting something, but it was gone on Sunday morning so we met up with Ed, Angie, Nate, and Chase at the airshow. The kids enjoyed themselves and so did we. Ed had loge tickets from a supplier so it was free admission, food, and beverage. We even got free parking because some nice people in the car next to us passed us an extra parking pass while in line! Bonus. Total expenditure for the day: $0!!!!! I would have bought the kids a souvenir, but Nolan's fever came back just as we were heading to the loge for lunch so we left shortly after and never went back to the airshow. Next year. (No, she is not slamming a beer, as it appears. That is Powerade.) I'm not really sure which kid had the most fun ;) Today we are staying home and letting everyone recharge and rest (and probably watching Cars three times.) Pictures soon. I have had no time since a sick little boy needs lots of extra cuddles. I still have to work on Storybook Forest/Pittsburgh too!!!! Someday I'll get an hour or two to myself! Hope you have a relaxing day!!!!

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