Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hippity Hoppity, No Way!

Grammy wanted to take the kids for pictures with the Easter Bunny so we headed to the mall pretty early today. Little did we know that the bunny is a late riser so we had some time to kill.
There was the train to ride.
And the display inside the train tracks to explore (the guy running the train told them to go play with the stuff, I didn't!)
Finally the playground.
Then it was time to go see Peter Cottontail......or not. Nolan tried to hide behind Grammy's leg while Reagan shared her goldfish with the bunny.
After the ordeal we headed to Chick-a-yeah for lunch. There was a set of 4-year old twin girls named River & Sky, at the Chick-a-yeah playground. Every time their Grandpa called River's name, Reagan would yell "Chargrin* River!" Ah the joys of having a smart and vocal almost 2 year old! LOL
*for those not in the know, that is the river closest to our house that we cross on a daily basis.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sick, Again

www.nolanpchak.blogspot.com The sickness has me again, hopefully I'm the only one in the house to get it. I'm tired of coughing, as is everyone around the house. Reagan thought it was hysterical to walk around fake coughing and yelling "like Mommy" last night.
As the kids approach their 2nd birthday they are becoming every bit of what I imagined a two year old to be. They are funny, smart, and thoughtful and then the next minute they are hitting and kicking each other or yelling "Me do it myself!" They communicate well so that frustration is taken out of the mix. It is just the frustration of not being able to do all the things they want to, or fighting with each other over toys. Honestly, there are days where I feel like I need a white and black stripped shirt, because all I do is put kids in time out or give them warnings about going in time out, or yell SHARE! Such is life with two spirited 2-year olds.
The other night, we were doing our usual bedtime routine. They get blasted into bed by being held above their bed and yelling 3-2-1 "blast off" and down they go, then we sing Twinkle, Twinkle with glow in the dark stars and finally a quick prayer that Grammy taught them. She has been saying it to them on days she happens to be over for bedtime. It took them about 3 weeks before they started repeating it. Now they know the whole thing. We just give them the first word or two to each line and off they go. Usually they end with a resounding AMEN, but a couple of nights ago Nolan was feeling spunky and ended our night time prayer with a yodel. (My mom also sings a song to them that ends with a yo-lah-ha-hee so he just combined the too. )It was so funny.
This one is for Deb. She loves Nolan's little teeth. Yes, he needs a haircut.....again!
Grammy brought them a treat of french fries and we had to split the drink carrier so they each got 2 cups.
Reagan playing with a new favorite toy, Megablocks. I love the way she is sitting.
Pucker up, here comes a kiss from Nolan.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Little CAVS fans

We are not huge basketball fans in our house.....not that we don't want to see the CAVS do well, we just don't pay that much attention until playoff time. Therefore the kids didn't have any CAVS gear until I hit a kids nearly-new sale in Parma last weekend.
$2 for two shirts.
and a kiss for brother.....

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

From High Upon The Rooftop.....Twice

www.nolanpchak.blogspot.com The Pchaks got bejeweled and dressed in green for the St. Patricks Day Parade in downtown Cleveland on one of the nicest March 17th's on record.
The kids were pumped to enjoy some "street frites" from the soon-to-be open Greenhouse Tavern and so were Mommy & Daddy. We have been jonesin' for fries fried in duck fat for several months, done only the way Chef Sawyer can. The Sawyer family from the roof of the Greenhouse Tavern. Reagan all decked out and ready to party! We loaded the kids into the double-wide stroller and were enjoying our first bite of frites when a familiar face, Kathy walked up to say hi.
Mind you, we made NO plans with anyone because our plans came together at the last minute and with the kids in tow you just never know what will happen so best to just kind of free-style the afternoon.
Statue of Frites
After two cones of frites and mayo and another unplanned run in with Laura Borris, we headed toward the parade. The kids really enjoyed the ride and seeing all the crazy drunks people. We scoped out a spot in the sun and waited. and waited. and waited.
The kids were doing OK, but wanted out, so we let them venture out of the stroller however, they do NOT like being on Mommy & Daddy's shoulders and wanted to play around the stroller. This way fine until they realized they could fit in between people legs and weave and bob their way away from Mom & Dad. At that point, we stumbled across Bill's friend (and the most Irish guy I know) Terry O'Brien.
Who, much to my relief, had rented a room on the 12 floor of the hotel we were standing in front of......and it had a balcony.......facing the parade route! Up we went. Much easier to contain them to a balcony then the corner of 8th & Superior!
They marched on the balcony along to the bands and watched (for the most part...as much as almost 2 year olds can) the parade.
Reagan & Karen O'Brien
I told Terry that when he checks out of that room, he needs to rent it in advance for next year! Huge living area, wet bar, and the balcony. Score!
It was interesting being on the "other side of the street" from the stumbling drunks. I actually got to see the parade this time. I enjoyed it through my kids eyes, as I do so much these days. Yeah, it was fun to stomp down the hill into the flats years ago, wearing leprechaun mask on our face, but this was fun too.
(1999- Bev, Chris, Shelley & John)
A different kind of drunk, if you will. Drunk on living life with 2 22-month olds! Ah, motherhood has turned me into a sap!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Top O'The Morning To Ya!

http://www.nolanpchak.blogspot.com/ We are getting the kids dressed and ready to go downtown to the parade and have some Greenhouse Tavern street frites to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. I also got some camera equipment last night that will allow me to take my new camera out in public.... like a strap and a case, so pictures will be o'plenty! Until then, enjoy our leprechauns from last year.
Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!! BE SAFE

Monday, March 16, 2009

Hurray For Pizza Day

www.nolanpchak.blogspot.com Iron Chef Reagan & Iron Chef Nolan have been honing their skills at pizza making.
Judging by IC Nolan's upper lip, he must taste each ingredient before placing it on the dough.
Mangia! Mangia!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

So Much To Say

A 13 year old told me that Reagan and Nolan tired her out after spending about an hour with them.
Welcome to my world.
They are on the go as soon as their peepers open in the morning until we sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star at bedtime. They do take a nice afternoon nap, which gives me about enough time to clean up the mess the twinadoes made during the morning, get dinner started, clean a bathroom, and hop on-line (yes, facebook.) By the time they hit the hay each night, I'm ready to go right along with them!
Reagan and Nolan are on the verge of the "terrible two's." I see it coming. Reagan wants to be so independent that the frustration she experiences is mind-numbing for her. She also likes to get a rise out of people by doing things she knows she should not do. She laughs. Right.At.You. Nolan is pretty tolerant, but when he reaches his breaking point his vice is throwing things or saying "no hit" "no kick" while doing just that. I keep reminding myself that the Terrible Two's will be as bad as I allow them to be, since the kids are really having a terrific time testing boundaries and exploring. They just need to be guided in a way that doesn't show the adults frustration with them. Something that is hard to remember, but gets the job done in the end.
Kids say the darnedest things and Reagan and Nolan are no exception. There isn't a word they won't try to say, especially Reagan. Her vocabulary and ability to put sentences together really blows us away. Nolan will benefit from more one on one time since Reagan tends to push her way into any conversation or book he and I happen to be reading. That is just her personality and his is to let her take over. I told Bill he is going to have to get stronger in that regard or women are going to walk all over him for the rest of his life!
Here are just a couple examples of what they are saying these days:
They both know their address (number and street; still working on city and state)
The other day Reagan was looking out the window yelling, "Sammy, be careful." (Sammy is the name she gave the squirrel(s) that play in our yard.) I asked her what he was doing and she said, "climbing on the roof." Sure enough, there was Sammy at the peak of our neighbors roof.
Nolan has a whole conversation by himself. If I say there is a mess or something is dirty, he will say, "Oh no! A mess. I clean it. OK."
Nonny Linda & Grandpa Fred were over for dinner recently and as they were pulling out of the driveway, Nolan yelled "Bye Fred!" Reagan yelled "Bye Grandpa Fries!" Guess between the two of them, they will get his name straight!
They are both learning a little Polish. I don't pretend to speak it well or know how to spell it, so this will be phonetically. Dye-me boushi means "give me a kiss." They will say dime bousie and run up for a kiss. They have mastered the word "dupa."
Speaking of nether regions, here is a little potty humor. Nolan was in the powder room with me one morning and I was explaining that I was going to the potty and was gassy (they love that word.) I farted (yes, we all do it!) and I asked Nolan what that noise was and he answered "An elephant!"
Reagan has picked up my "how about." I usually say "how about we clean up before doing X" or "how about we have a smoothie for breakfast." Whenever Reagan wants to watch a particular show, it is "how about....."
Nolan knows the quickest way to get a cuddle is to come up to me with outstretched arms saying, "Come 'er. I sleepy. So tired." All the while patting me on the back with his head on my shoulder.
Reagan was looking through a gardening catalog today and she kept saying, "That is Cheeto's house." (She named my mom's bird Cheeto a few weeks ago.) I asked her to show me and she pointed to a have-a-heart trap. Close enough.
This is their time to test boundaries, explore, and learn. What a fun spring & summer it will be. If it would just hurry up and get here!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Kitty Quorum

All three agree, this patch of sun is THE place to be. Boxster and Jeepster can even put aside their dislike for one another for a little Vitamin D.