Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hippity Hoppity, No Way!

Grammy wanted to take the kids for pictures with the Easter Bunny so we headed to the mall pretty early today. Little did we know that the bunny is a late riser so we had some time to kill.
There was the train to ride.
And the display inside the train tracks to explore (the guy running the train told them to go play with the stuff, I didn't!)
Finally the playground.
Then it was time to go see Peter Cottontail......or not. Nolan tried to hide behind Grammy's leg while Reagan shared her goldfish with the bunny.
After the ordeal we headed to Chick-a-yeah for lunch. There was a set of 4-year old twin girls named River & Sky, at the Chick-a-yeah playground. Every time their Grandpa called River's name, Reagan would yell "Chargrin* River!" Ah the joys of having a smart and vocal almost 2 year old! LOL
*for those not in the know, that is the river closest to our house that we cross on a daily basis.

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