Wednesday, March 18, 2009

From High Upon The Rooftop.....Twice The Pchaks got bejeweled and dressed in green for the St. Patricks Day Parade in downtown Cleveland on one of the nicest March 17th's on record.
The kids were pumped to enjoy some "street frites" from the soon-to-be open Greenhouse Tavern and so were Mommy & Daddy. We have been jonesin' for fries fried in duck fat for several months, done only the way Chef Sawyer can. The Sawyer family from the roof of the Greenhouse Tavern. Reagan all decked out and ready to party! We loaded the kids into the double-wide stroller and were enjoying our first bite of frites when a familiar face, Kathy walked up to say hi.
Mind you, we made NO plans with anyone because our plans came together at the last minute and with the kids in tow you just never know what will happen so best to just kind of free-style the afternoon.
Statue of Frites
After two cones of frites and mayo and another unplanned run in with Laura Borris, we headed toward the parade. The kids really enjoyed the ride and seeing all the crazy drunks people. We scoped out a spot in the sun and waited. and waited. and waited.
The kids were doing OK, but wanted out, so we let them venture out of the stroller however, they do NOT like being on Mommy & Daddy's shoulders and wanted to play around the stroller. This way fine until they realized they could fit in between people legs and weave and bob their way away from Mom & Dad. At that point, we stumbled across Bill's friend (and the most Irish guy I know) Terry O'Brien.
Who, much to my relief, had rented a room on the 12 floor of the hotel we were standing in front of......and it had a balcony.......facing the parade route! Up we went. Much easier to contain them to a balcony then the corner of 8th & Superior!
They marched on the balcony along to the bands and watched (for the most much as almost 2 year olds can) the parade.
Reagan & Karen O'Brien
I told Terry that when he checks out of that room, he needs to rent it in advance for next year! Huge living area, wet bar, and the balcony. Score!
It was interesting being on the "other side of the street" from the stumbling drunks. I actually got to see the parade this time. I enjoyed it through my kids eyes, as I do so much these days. Yeah, it was fun to stomp down the hill into the flats years ago, wearing leprechaun mask on our face, but this was fun too.
(1999- Bev, Chris, Shelley & John)
A different kind of drunk, if you will. Drunk on living life with 2 22-month olds! Ah, motherhood has turned me into a sap!

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