Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sick, Again The sickness has me again, hopefully I'm the only one in the house to get it. I'm tired of coughing, as is everyone around the house. Reagan thought it was hysterical to walk around fake coughing and yelling "like Mommy" last night.
As the kids approach their 2nd birthday they are becoming every bit of what I imagined a two year old to be. They are funny, smart, and thoughtful and then the next minute they are hitting and kicking each other or yelling "Me do it myself!" They communicate well so that frustration is taken out of the mix. It is just the frustration of not being able to do all the things they want to, or fighting with each other over toys. Honestly, there are days where I feel like I need a white and black stripped shirt, because all I do is put kids in time out or give them warnings about going in time out, or yell SHARE! Such is life with two spirited 2-year olds.
The other night, we were doing our usual bedtime routine. They get blasted into bed by being held above their bed and yelling 3-2-1 "blast off" and down they go, then we sing Twinkle, Twinkle with glow in the dark stars and finally a quick prayer that Grammy taught them. She has been saying it to them on days she happens to be over for bedtime. It took them about 3 weeks before they started repeating it. Now they know the whole thing. We just give them the first word or two to each line and off they go. Usually they end with a resounding AMEN, but a couple of nights ago Nolan was feeling spunky and ended our night time prayer with a yodel. (My mom also sings a song to them that ends with a yo-lah-ha-hee so he just combined the too. )It was so funny.
This one is for Deb. She loves Nolan's little teeth. Yes, he needs a haircut.....again!
Grammy brought them a treat of french fries and we had to split the drink carrier so they each got 2 cups.
Reagan playing with a new favorite toy, Megablocks. I love the way she is sitting.
Pucker up, here comes a kiss from Nolan.

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