Thursday, August 27, 2009

We're In A Magazine!
If you are local, pick up a copy of the Sept issue of Today's Family and check out the cuties on pg. 5.
Here is a hint:

One cute story.... My mom took the kids through a car wash the other day. Nolan was not that thrilled about it and was whimpering a little. My mom reached back to rub his leg and comfort him. Reagan put her hand out to grab his and said, "It's OK Nolan. Don't be afraid to it." Today I was talking on the phone about the incident and he was getting worked up with me just talking about it, saying he didn't want to go, etc. Reagan walked over and started rubbing his back and telling him it was OK.

So, for as many times as she sits on him and holds him down in the trampoline she is sweet to him too :)

Stay tuned....we are going to have big adventures this weekend!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Splish Splash

I am usually in the pool with the kids, so it was rare occasion that I was actually outside to take pictures. My cousin's daughter, Taylor, came over and the kids LOVED playing with her. Wish we would have discovered this sooner as she would have been a great "Mother's Helper" this summer. As is the story of my life, she starts school next week :(
I know it is not the best pic, but love how Nolan is just floating along in the back.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Eagle Faire It's more like the Medieval Faire, but Reagan being Reagan decided to call it the Eagle Faire (and laugh about it every time.) It was H-O-T, but we still managed to have fun. The kids rode a few man-powered rides, we watched some sword fights, heard a story from a dragon, attempted to ride a camel (they decided they didn't want to once they were up on the platform), and Nolan rode a pony. Both Bill and I ran into old friends so that alone is worth the admission price. Bill and I have enjoyed this faire for years, even going in garb for the last 6 or 7. This year was the kids 3rd faire. It is just unbelievable to me how much they have grown. They have a book about how the sun, water, & love makes flowers (and kids) grow. I think I'm going to keep them in the dark, withold drinks, and not cuddle them for a while so they slow down!!! I miss my babies being babies. A little walk-back in time.... 2007 2008 2009 more pics: I'm thinking of entering the faire's photo contest. Let me know which one you like. I won the contest a few years ago so I thought I'd give it another shot.

What's Gonna Work? TEAMWORK! (in the immortal words of the Wonder Pets)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Cramming As Much In As We Can
My sinuses are working in overdrive these days and I lost my napkin that I kept all the witty things the kids said in the past week, so this will from my (pitifully short) memory. Recap: Since we last left the twinadoes in Amish Country, they attended a Moms of Multiples Picnic, touched all sorts of trucks and service vehicles at a really cool touch-a-truck event, ate dinner at Iron Chef Michael Symon's newest place--Bar Symon, and visited the Botanical Gardens for the first time. Botanical Garden-Children's Garden
In the Glasshouse. Double trouble x 2.
We also had movie night this week. We walked to the library and borrowed "Cars" and then that evening we spread out our blankets and pillows, popped some popcorn, and watched a "big feature." They did pretty well, although I'm not in a rush to take them to the cinema. They are learning about different Porsches (wonder who is teaching them that?) so we talked about "Sally Porsche" in the movie and that she is a 911 Coupe. Nolan got it down right away, but Miss Hambone (thanks for that nickname, Diane) decided that it is an "11 of 9 Poop." Said with a mischievous giggle, of course.
A little aside about the Touch-A-Truck event. They arranged for the life flight helicopter to land and then allowed the kids to tour it. We were pretty close to the landing area and I was shocked at how forceful the winds from the blades were. Guess I shouldn't have been, but it is something you just don't think about. We were covered with sand and rocks. The kids were scared and buried their heads in our shoulders until it was over. I have a new appreciation for any soldier that has to stand in the desert and get pelted with rocks and sand while in the combat zone. I hope to never experience the landing of another life flight. As Bill said, if we did, it probably wouldn't be for such a fun reason either.
So much to look at. No time for Mommy's camera.
Hope you have a wonderful week!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Like Mother. Like Children.
October 16, 2002 (outside Panini's celebrating my last day of work at Cast Nylons Ltd.)
August 14, 2009 Botanical Gardens. Celebrating life.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

"We're In The Country!" Now that veggies are starting to peak where I live, it is time for me to get busy canning and freezing. Today's hunt was for good sweet corn to freeze. Knowing my mom will always enjoy a trip to Amish Country, we headed to Middlefield and Mesopotamia. I got my corn. The kids got to play with animals ride in a buggy
and enjoy ice creamed served next to a caboose. All in all it was a very nice day, despite the fact that no one napped. They did hit the hay an hour earlier so we'll see how that works out!

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Game of Life If you are lucky, you'll have a few friends in your lifetime that you can just be super silly with and they get it. You’d roll around laughing until your sides hurt and in the end had no idea why you started laughing in the first place. So you’d start all over. I had a friend like that for several years in my tween & early teenage years. We’d spend summers at the local pool, riding her parent’s double bike around the neighborhood, or just hanging out at each other’s houses. She’d tag along on trips and we’d buy matching shirts from our “big” vacation. I’ll never forget the Pymatuning Lake half-shirts! We laughed until we cried. For hours. Days. Months. Years. Somewhere around the start of high school, we drifted apart and then she moved. Not too far, but pre-cellphone & internet days it was harder to keep in touch and kids will be kids, out of sight, out of mind. By the time we started driving and could have visited more often we must have had a new group of friends and jobs….. meaning no time for old friends. Our paths have crossed very few times over the years, even though we both stayed in the same area. Just the way the cookie crumbled. It didn’t mean I didn’t think of her often, especially on my birthday. You see, her birthday was the day after mine and we always had fun celebrating together. So every July 28 for the past 20 or so years I’ve whispered a “Happy Birthday Heidi” to the wind and hoped she thought of me too. A few weeks ago, in the “suggestions” section of facebook, up popped Heidi’s sister. I sent her an email and she answered back with Heidi’s phone and told me to call her. She knew Heidi would be so happy to hear from me. I waited. I hadn’t talked to her in 11 years so I figured a few days wouldn’t matter. I wanted to call her on her birthday and actually say it to her. Several phone tags later, we finally got to talk. It was like we’d never missed a beat. Those are the friendships that are just meant to be. This time we are older and wiser and won’t let it slip away for 20 years. One of my fondest memories of hanging out at Heidi’s house was playing the game of “Life.” We’d go through the game, get married, have a couple of kids and live happily ever after. That is kind of how it seems to have worked out in “real life” for Heidi and I too. Our lives couldn’t be more similar at the moment (that is unless Heidi pops out an 18 month old boy so her daughter can have a twin!) Sadly a few weeks ago, one of my friendships ended, but today an old one was rekindled. Whenever a door closes…………