Thursday, August 27, 2009

We're In A Magazine!
If you are local, pick up a copy of the Sept issue of Today's Family and check out the cuties on pg. 5.
Here is a hint:

One cute story.... My mom took the kids through a car wash the other day. Nolan was not that thrilled about it and was whimpering a little. My mom reached back to rub his leg and comfort him. Reagan put her hand out to grab his and said, "It's OK Nolan. Don't be afraid to it." Today I was talking on the phone about the incident and he was getting worked up with me just talking about it, saying he didn't want to go, etc. Reagan walked over and started rubbing his back and telling him it was OK.

So, for as many times as she sits on him and holds him down in the trampoline she is sweet to him too :)

Stay tuned....we are going to have big adventures this weekend!


Dave said...

Car washes are scary. When our cat was a kitten, he loved to go for car rides. I'd take him every where with me, just like a dog. He loved to watch everything fly by out the windows and just hang out. Then I took him through a car wash. What was I thinking??? I was in our Xterra and as soon as the thing started going, he freaked out. He was running from the front to the back, jumping over the seats, trying to find any way out of the car. Every time he gets in a car now he instantly starts to cry and looks extremely stressed out. I almost took Isabel through a car wash yesterday but thought twice...

DianeS said...

That story is so sweet. Those two tickle me!