Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Party Crasher

Nolan is the typical boy. Loves firetrucks, police cars, tractors, etc. BUT his favorite truck of all times is the airport crash truck.

When one pulled up at touch-a-truck this past weekend, he was thrilled.

It seemed that they were going to let the kids climb up the ladder to the roof of the crash truck. I thought this was a little dangerous, but my kids hoped into line behind about 6 other kids. Turns out those kids were that particular fireman's family and he was giving them a little extra special treat. I started to steer Reagan away by the shoulders and it was then that I see Nolan's little butt being helped up the stairs.

Somehow, they thought he was "with" the family. The little shit wormed his way onto the top of the crash truck!

See, I told you he loves the crash truck!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Missing Martian

My Dad didn’t much care for crowds so I don’t think he would have done many adventures with the twinadoes and I. (I totally know the three of them would have been fishing buddies at Gilson Park though.) There has never been a time where we’ve been out and about and I got to thinking, “Gee, my Dad would have had fun with his Grandkids here.”

Until today.

The twinadoes and I were putting our Great Lakes Science Center membership to good use today and included were tickets to a special exhibit, “Facing Mars.” When you go into the exhibit you have to choose which gate to go through by answered the question, “Do you want to travel to Mars?”


Right up my Dad’s alley. He enjoyed nothing more than sitting in his backyard on a Saturday night, smoking a stogie and drinking a beer. All the while staring up into the night sky and pondered what and who was out there.

He was a trekkie. His favorite t-shirt said "Beam Me Up Scotty."

I can imagine, as a child, his life’s ambition was to be an astronaut. (Sad to say I don’t really know the answer to this question.)

He would have loved this exhibit.

I actually got choked up and tears welled in my eyes because I could just imagine the three of them going from station to station learning about life on Mars; laughing when they did the “Mars Hands” and the “Mars Dust Storm” and him comforting them when they got afraid in the dark during the “Can You Last Two Minutes On Mars” part.

Yep. That day they would have been three peas in an outer space pod.