Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Party Crasher

Nolan is the typical boy. Loves firetrucks, police cars, tractors, etc. BUT his favorite truck of all times is the airport crash truck.

When one pulled up at touch-a-truck this past weekend, he was thrilled.

It seemed that they were going to let the kids climb up the ladder to the roof of the crash truck. I thought this was a little dangerous, but my kids hoped into line behind about 6 other kids. Turns out those kids were that particular fireman's family and he was giving them a little extra special treat. I started to steer Reagan away by the shoulders and it was then that I see Nolan's little butt being helped up the stairs.

Somehow, they thought he was "with" the family. The little shit wormed his way onto the top of the crash truck!

See, I told you he loves the crash truck!

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