Monday, August 17, 2009

Cramming As Much In As We Can
My sinuses are working in overdrive these days and I lost my napkin that I kept all the witty things the kids said in the past week, so this will from my (pitifully short) memory. Recap: Since we last left the twinadoes in Amish Country, they attended a Moms of Multiples Picnic, touched all sorts of trucks and service vehicles at a really cool touch-a-truck event, ate dinner at Iron Chef Michael Symon's newest place--Bar Symon, and visited the Botanical Gardens for the first time. Botanical Garden-Children's Garden
In the Glasshouse. Double trouble x 2.
We also had movie night this week. We walked to the library and borrowed "Cars" and then that evening we spread out our blankets and pillows, popped some popcorn, and watched a "big feature." They did pretty well, although I'm not in a rush to take them to the cinema. They are learning about different Porsches (wonder who is teaching them that?) so we talked about "Sally Porsche" in the movie and that she is a 911 Coupe. Nolan got it down right away, but Miss Hambone (thanks for that nickname, Diane) decided that it is an "11 of 9 Poop." Said with a mischievous giggle, of course.
A little aside about the Touch-A-Truck event. They arranged for the life flight helicopter to land and then allowed the kids to tour it. We were pretty close to the landing area and I was shocked at how forceful the winds from the blades were. Guess I shouldn't have been, but it is something you just don't think about. We were covered with sand and rocks. The kids were scared and buried their heads in our shoulders until it was over. I have a new appreciation for any soldier that has to stand in the desert and get pelted with rocks and sand while in the combat zone. I hope to never experience the landing of another life flight. As Bill said, if we did, it probably wouldn't be for such a fun reason either.
So much to look at. No time for Mommy's camera.
Hope you have a wonderful week!

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