Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Our Chili Poppin' Daddy Four years ago a discussion took place on the food and wine forum Bill and I participate on involving a local chef who's son has autism and the fact that there wasn't a big fundraising event for the Greater Cleveland Society For Autism. I don't remember the specifics, but the Chili Cook-Off for Autism was born from that discussion. The first year was small(ish), maybe 250-300 people crammed in a room at Great Lakes Brewing Company. It found a larger home at the Terrace Club inside Jacob's Field (I mean, Progressive Field....well, I really don't, it will always be The Jake to me) and has been chugging along for the past three years with attendance tripling. Bill has participated in and won several titles for the event. Last year being the biggest he brought home; Best of Show. It's a really nice trophy, glass with a big honkin' chili pepper on it. Hopefully he will bring home another one tomorrow to complete the set! He's got it shined up and ready to go. We are proud of him, not just for winning, but for participating in such a worthwhile event. If you happen to be free tomorrow, Thursday, evening please consider coming down to the Jake for some chili. I know times are tough and our wallets are pinched, but tickets are only $20 and it supports a great cause, plus you'll get to see in me, kids in tow. I might actually be able to hold a conversation with you!! 6-9pm. Oh yeah, there will also be lots of other chilis there.....some amateur and some made by our awesome local chefs. There are also silent auctions and that sort of stuff too. Lots of good prizes :) Hope to see you there!! For details:

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