Friday, April 24, 2009

The Zoo-m When I told Reagan and Nolan that I was taking them to the zoo this morning, Reagan ran around the house yelling that she was going to the "Zoo-m!" Crazy kid. Sunblocked up and ready to go. Love Nolan's cheesy grin. I met up with some moms from my multiples group, all with kids of varying ages and attention tolerances. One mom and I, Brianne, who I know only through facebook, have kids that are very similar as far as what their attention span will allow so after a while we broke off from the group and did our own abbreviated zoo tour. (I bought a membership today so we will be back plenty to see everything we "missed" this time around.) Checking out the lion who was enjoying the suns warmth as much as we were! New friends :) Multiple Multiples. "I hear that, too!" "Airplane!" We had such a good time, but some of the best quotes of day came while we were enjoying some french fries in the McDonalds parking lot before getting on the freeway to go home. It started before we parked the car though. While placing our order a car cut in the drive-through lane in front of us. Reagan yelled, "WAIT YOUR TURN!" She was also shamelessly flirting with the guy that took our money. Once we parked and she got her fries, she said "fries make Reagan feel better." After we have done an activity I always talk about it on the way home and ask them what their favorite part of the day was. For Nolan it was the fladingos (sic), and Reagan liked the Jag-u-ar. Of course while we were watching the Jaguar, he started making an awful noise similar to what our cats make just before barfing. As he was doing it, Reagan announced to all that were around us that the "Jaguar is making a kitty barf." Classy. When we got off the freeway and got to the intersection where Beanie's is (for those that don't know, Beanie's was my Dad's favorite watering hole and I spent many hours there with him, as did a lot of other family and friends). The kids have been in Beanies twice for dinner and I didn't think they remembered it. I should know better. As we sat at the stop light Reagan announced that she'd like to go to Beanies because she like it there. Somewhere Grandpap George was smilin'. Nolan loves (or lofes in Nolan speak) everything these days..... The sheep, horse, goat, kangaroo, koala bear, etc. Very sweet. He could have stayed at the petting zoo all day. I think the goat would have liked that as well. It was a fun day, except for my lack of attention to my wardrobe. I wore jeans and a dark shirt and it was 84 degrees!!! Yes, 84 degrees. In April. In Cleveland. Hello global warming. I'm not complaining.

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