Friday, April 10, 2009

More Eggs Please
The day started off as Chief Wahoo Day (don't ask how the game turned out, it is still in rain delay as I type this) and ended with coloring Easter eggs. In between there was a shopping trip to BJ's, Marc's, 2nd birthday invitations assembled & mailed, and dinner at Trader Jacks. Phew.
The egg coloring went pretty well until some (well, all) of the purple dye got spilled on Reagan's high chair and on Reagan. They were wearing old oversized t-shirts, but she will be sporting some purplish legs for a few days. Some of the dye got on her high chair and on our hard wood floor despite having plastic down. To some a big deal. To me, not so much. To me those stains (and as minuscule as they are, I bet I'm the only one that can even find them) are memories. From now on I'll look at that floor and think of Easter 2009 when my son had such a good time playing in the green dye that he looked like the incredible did Uncle Sam who helped him and got pretty splashed up in the process. He would tell Uncle Sam "more eggs" and Uncle Sam would take the egg out of the cup and Nolan would put it right back in and stir it up with his wax crayon. Laughing the whole time. They had a good time. That is what being a kid is about. Those stains are what will make this house our children's home. One I want them to have so much fun in. Messes and all. Reagan got four eggs done before the accident. The first couple she thought she needed to lick when they came out of the dye. Once she was wet and sensing some irritation on Daddy's part, she was done. When she was offered to have Grammy give her a bath, she took it. She will have her fun when she gets to put stickers on the eggs. Into each life a little purple egg dye must fall........ Reagan's steps of egg dying....dip, then suck. Yuck.
Nolan's steps of egg dying. Dip, watch, dip again, stir, dip. WOW!

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