Monday, April 6, 2009

Chili Day

Written on Friday 4/3/09 Yesterday we told the kids it was “Chili Day” when they woke up and Nolan said, “Yeah, it’s cold.” Could he be any cuter?

On to the cook-off……

Ok. Bill didn’t win a trophy at the chili cook-off last night. That is a mute point. (Or is it moo?)

He doesn’t need a trophy to tell him he is an awesome cook. We already know that and the politics of the event played a role in the outcome.

However, he got something better.

He got compliments, some made directly to him, some written on the food forum we post on by strangers, some overheard by myself and friends, and one on TV. They were from people in the food biz and some not. Every one of them said basically the same thing.

Damn good chili. Damn good cook in general.

Those are far better than any piece of kitsch he could have received.

He is good enough to have his own restaurant. Would we have the stamina to be in that business at this point in our lives? Probably not. We should have done it 10 years ago. I'm just tired watching Jonathon & Amelia open The Greenhouse Tavern. I can't imagine actually doing it!

But how awesome is it to hear from people that they get it?

I’m so happy for him. Makes my eyes tear up with pride.... or maybe that is just from the peppers.

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