Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Who Cares About The Earth When There Is Popcorn?

www.nolanpchak.blogspot.com We beat the raindrops by heading to the Earth Day festivities at the Metroparks a little early on Sunday. At Penitentiary Glen there is a wildlife sanctuary that is home to many wild animals that were taken in as pets and then couldn't be handled or injured animals. Reagan and Nolan love to go visit them, especially the fox & the weasel. We spent some time checking in on the animals before heading to the main festivities, a very good idea in the end. The kids did a couple of crafts, planted a marigold, and got a bunch of free loot. There were train rides on a mini-railroad, but the line was super long and it was already past lunch time and nearing nap time, so we got some popcorn and people watched before heading out. I love the popcorn series of pics. They had a great time with the box of corn and their canteens. Hmmm....what do you have there, Reagan? Sure makes me thirsty
It's Yummy!
The sweet boy.

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Falcon said...

Great shots Shelley. Looks like they are having fun. We do like the popcorn shots.
Uncle Ed and Aunt Eleanor