Saturday, April 11, 2009

We're hunting.....
Today while Reagan and Nolan napped the Easter Bunny paid an early visit so they could go out and have an egg hunt in the yard. Reagan was very interested. Nolan was interested for about 2 seconds until he saw a stick.....or wanted to climb the tree. Yep, all boy.
Egg (and stick) hunt #1
After picking up some eggs, we headed over to Mema's house for dinner and another egg hunt with my cousins and their families. Being an only child can make for lonely holidays, but I am lucky that is not the case for me. I am treated as just another wacky sibling there and my kids enjoyed hanging with their cousins. A special appearance was made by the cutest bunny I have ever seen!
Egg hunt #2
Checking out the haul @ egg hunt #2
Cousin Sadie
My kids favorite part of the night.... getting new toothbrushes in their Easter loot! My dentist would be proud.
Wishing you a Happy Easter from the Pchak4!

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