Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter The kids woke up to a trail of eggs leading to their baskets. Nolan was very vocal, shouting "yeah, basket!" Reagan found her basket in the barnyard and that is where she took up camp to check out all her loot. Sporting gardening gloves. Yes, Mommy is putting them to work this summer! Nolan's "Oh, no. My mess" pose. Reagan is getting some molars and was not her usual self, but Uncle John seemed to turn that around, but it was Nolan that had the most fun. I haven't heard him giggle for that long ever. Hanging with Uncle Sam & Aunt Deb. Food was abundant and wonderful, wine plentiful, and our moms and best friends to share it with. A perfect day. Uncle John, Aunt Jan, Nonny Linda, Bill Grammy, Reagan, Grandpa Fred Grandma P, Reagan, Grammy

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DianeS said...

Those children are too stinking cute!!! Glad you had a nice Easter.