Thursday, September 10, 2009

We Interrupt This Blog.....

For Roseola.

High fever for 3 days followed by a rash. Two calls to the doctors office, yet they never wanted to see Nolan and then they decide we should go to the E.R. after taking 2 hours to return the call. Glad it wasn't a real emergency. All the while we NEVER spoke with our doctor, just whoever happened to get the note. None too pleased with the service and will be looking for a new ped's office. Sad because we really like our ped herself, I just can't take the cattle call that is the Cleveland Clinic anymore.

The E.R. staff looked at us like we had lobsters crawling out of our ears when we told them A.) Our "doctors office" never wanted to see Nolan and B.)That they told us to go to the E.R. for the symptoms he exhibited.

As soon as the rash appeared, I googled the symptoms and within 30 seconds could see that he most likely had Roseola.

While I would never take my child's illness lightly, the symptoms he showed did not warrant an E.R. visit. Of course we took him, probably exposing us to even more germs, for basically nothing.

There is no treatment for Roseola. It just runs its course and will probably have it's way with Reagan in a few days.

So it's lots of indoor play for us for a few days......

Love to build.....

and use the Mega Blocks for "bathtubs"

Nolan's tell-tale sign he is sick....dark marks under his eyes. Just like his Daddy gets.

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