Friday, September 18, 2009

The Air Show Hey, better late than never.
(Not sure which "kid" had the most fun!)
We were lucky to be guest of a beer distributor at the airshow. For Angie and I, it was a place out of the sun to feed our kids and let them enjoy the planes. For Ed and Bill it was probably the 3rd happiest day of their lives. (They'd better say the birth of their children and their wedding days are #1 & #2.) Surrounded by FREE beer, malt beverages, powerade, food, and front row seats to the airshow is not an awful way to spend the day!
Unfortunately, Nolan's fever returned just as we were finishing lunch and he got into my lap and curled up and tried to go to sleep. He has never do that, so I knew we were not long for the airshow. Reagan was out dancing around Bill as he took pictures of a demo (no idea what it was and I've still not given Bill the password to the blog after he made some comments I didn't enjoy, so we will never know which plane it was. Hey, my blog I can do what I want.) and having a grand time until the plane turned on it's burner (or whatever makes the loud noises) and scared her almost out of her skin! It was time for us to go. After that both she and Nolan put their hands on their ears and that is where they stayed until we got in the car. I did get some fun pictures, so here you go:

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Nice shots of my pal Skip Stewart