Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Storybook Forest Adventure We woke the kids up a little earlier than usual, changed their diapers, and loaded them into the car in their PJ's. Figuring a rest stop after breakfast and snacks would be a good time to get dressed and stretch their legs. It was a good plan. We had a "hillbilly" picnic for breakfast (i.e. eating off of frisbees while in the car) and then the kids played with their bags of car toys and some new things bought especially for the trip. "Are we there yet?" The drive was a tough one as it POURED for a good solid hour. It was white-knuckle driving and I was glad to be the passenger. We hoped that would be our only run-in with bad weather for the day, but that was not to be the case. We were amused with Idlewild's old-fashion charm as we headed straight for Storybook Forest. I visited Storybook Forest as a child, so it was a full-circle kind of moment for me. Nolan enjoyed himself, going in every little house and checking things out. Reagan was more tentative and observed more from the outside. Just as the path through Storybook Forest came to an end, the rain began. Hard to believe I stood in front of the Storybook Forest storybook 30 years ago. Ah, where has the time gone?! "All aboard!"
We actually didn't mind the rain since it chased most of the yellow jackets away. The kids could still ride most of the rides and there were no lines. Who cares that we were soaked? My only concern was my camera, but I managed to keep it pretty dry and still get some good shots. The trolley into Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.
The kids were asleep before we got back to the freeway to head to our hotel in Pittsburgh.
After getting settled in at the hotel, we walked over to Primanti Bros. for some dinner. The kids were still tired and so were Mom & Dad, so it was a quick bite and then back to the room to rest up for the next days adventure. More pics here: Stayed tuned for Day 2 of the Pittsburgh Adventure.

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