Friday, September 11, 2009

Pitt Day 2 Incline & Fatheads
In all the years I've been traveling to Uniontown, PA & the Pittsburgh area in general, I've always wanted to ride one of the inclines, but never got around to it. I love that having kids is allowing me to experience things I've always wanted to do, but also getting to see it through the eyes of two year olds.
We all really enjoyed the Duquesne incline and the views. Well, not the view of Three Rivers Stadium, come on, our family bleeds orange and brown.
We made the requisite stop at Fatheads Saloon for lunch after the incline. Even though they built a Fatheads on the far west side of C-town, we get to the one it Pittsburgh just as much. Bill loves all the beers they have and their food, enough for several meals, is very good. Wearing the shirt, drinking the beer :)
Can you smell the garlic?
Pushing in those garlic fries! The epitome of our girl.
After lunch we stopped at Ikea, which turned into a cluster f&*^ due to miscommunication about changing diapers and Reagan and I walked through the whole store 2 times to look for Nolan & Daddy. Ended up being our cheapest Ikea trip ever since we spent all our time looking for each other and not at stuff! You'd think after all that, the kids would have passed right out. Nolan did, but not Chatty Cathy. She talked our ear off from the Ikea parking lot to the Sonic Parking lot in Streetsboro. The ice cream finally gave her a reason to stop talking! It was actually cool because we didn't take the turnpike home, but instead took back roads. There was a lot of farm type stuff for Reagan to enjoy and we enjoyed her running commentary. More pics:

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