Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bad Blogger

Guess I won't be winning any blogger awards if I space my posts by almost 2 weeks, huh? What can I say, time truely flies when you spend your day with 2 (almost) 2 1/2 year olds. They are busy from the moment their eyes pop open, until they get tucked in their new Lighting McQueen blankets at night. Yes, we are in the midst of the Cars obsession at our house. Fine with me, I love it! Last week I had some "me" time. First off was dinner with Carrie at a cute little Italian joint that just opened. Then I was selling some of the kids things at a nearly new sale, so I had set-up on Friday, the sale on Saturday, early dinner (at said cute Italian joint again) & Abby Normal with Kathy, and then Browns tailgate & game on Sunday. Honestly, I missed the little buggers by Sunday afternoon. It could have just been that I could forsee the disappointment I was going to face as a Browns fan, but all I wanted to do was go home for a cuddle. Sigh. I guess that makes me a Mommy. Or "Mom" as I have become in the last week. WTF? They are not even 30 months old and I am already just Mom. I've got lots more scrapes of paper with cute -isms I want to record. I just need to find the time to do it. Until then, here are a couple of photos from our trip to the local nature center today. Back off man, he's a scientist..... Reagan likes to stop and smell the flowers. Every.Flower.


DianeS said...

I so look forward to your posts so get back into blogger-shape, girl!

Virginia said...

At least they are calling you Mom and not Aunt DD is having a hard time convincing her 2 1/2 YO that she is Mommy to him and Aunt Megan to his cousins.

shel said...

I'm trying, Diane!!!

Cute , Gin :O )