Sunday, October 18, 2009

Let The Haunting Begin.....
Halloween is the kids favorite holiday. Well, really it is Mommy's favorite, so theirs by default. We've got lots on the calendar for the next two boo-tiful weeks. 1st set of costumes. A really scary, fire-breathing dragon. Baby Kitler showing Mom her paw.
Saturday night we headed to the Farmpark for the annual Haunted Hayride. Last year it was rainy, and Nolan was under the weather so it was just not that great of a time. This year was the exact opposite. It was chilly, but the rain stopped earlier in the day and the kids (and grownups) had a great time. Reagan proclaimed that she was not afraid, but she also said I needed to hold her tight on the hayride.
Nolan stopped to talk to some scarecrows along the haunted path, but our little kitty cat only had one thing in mind.
The pony rides! Nolan's favorite thing of the night. A John Deere. He even gave me the model #, but I can't remember it.

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Ashley Langtry said...

Life with the twins sounds so fun! When I come home we HAVE to get together, Carter will love to have some playmates and I want to see you and your mom!!!! :)