Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Monitor Musings

Reagan and Nolan (well, mainly Reagan) have a lot to say once they are put down for naps (sometimes bedtime, but mainly nap time). For example, as I type this, Reagan is yelling (to a snoring Nolan) that they are "going to Australia!!!" She must be reading one of her books their Aunty Susan (who lives in Aus got them). She takes numerous books to bed so who knows what she has in there! Other times she likes to talk about places they have already been, mainly Kalahari Waterpark. It is my habit to always ask them questions about something we have just done. What was their favorite part? Do they want to do it again? etc. So, again to a sleeping brother, she yells, "Did you like Kalahari, Nolan?" "What was your favorite part?" After about 6 times of this, he groggily answered, "the bucket is my favorite" and went right back to snoring. Reagan replied, "Me too!" The other day, he turned the tables on her. He woke up first and started talking to her. She was not having any of that. She yelled, "I'm sleeping, Nolan. Don't talk to me!" There is also lots of singing going on up there. Right now, it is mainly Duran Duran. Yes, I have created two Duranie babies. The other day they were singing, "Please, please tell me now....." Their other favorites include "the wolf one (AKA Hungry Like The Wolf)" "Planet Earth" "Save A Prayer" and "Sunrise". They even have dance moves for Sunrise. Some other cute things they are saying these days... On rainy days, they like to walk outside with their "cumbrellas" and "soak up in the rain." With all the Halloween "decorates" out in the stores, Nolan declared that he "doesn't want to look at spooky." Reagan is always very sympathetic and run over to give you a hug and big "awwww" if you mention something is wrong. She is always very encouraging if you say you can't do something she says, "I think you can Mommy, I think you can!" Conversation from the bathtub: Reagan, "How are you today, Nolan" Nolan: "Ummm...Pretty much good." Nolan enthusiastically says "Thank you very so much" or he "certainly does need X" and things that are pretty are "absolutely gorgeous!" Everyday their vocabulary grows, most times Bill and I are just Mom & Dad, not Mommy & Daddy, and they are just so fun to talk to. They've had some fun with Uncle Bob & Aunt Chrissy this week (more on the "kiss the star game later) and last night during their bedtime routine (lights out with glow in the dark stars for Twinkle, Twinkle, then the "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep" prayer, and a special prayer for people they think need special prayers--The list always includes Papa, Grammy, Grandpa P, & Baby Jaime. Others are added as necessary) Nolan added Uncle Bob & Aunt Chrissy to his list. I have to say it brought tears to my eyes (and UB's too when I told him). The boy can just ooze sweetness and love at times. Ok, enough Mommy-sap for now.