Friday, October 30, 2009

We Are Making A Big Nest
Our neighbor, the guy who has every power tool imaginable, lent Bill his leaf blower. It looked like something out of Ghostbusters! It was nearly dark when we started and pitch black when we ended. The photos were taken in complete darkness. I'm pretty happy with them, but a fill flash would be better.
The kids had a blast "helping" Daddy with the leaves.
They made nests.
They jumped.
Daddy dragged them around the yard.
They stood in the whirlwind of leaves.
I went to bed with their belly laughs ringing in my head.
My mom reminded me of the one year I "helped" my Daddy rake leaves and procedded to jump into the pile and come out covered in dog poop (we never had dog!) Good times.


DianeS said...

Shelley, that's messed up.

DianeS said...

I mean really, really messed up.