Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Indian Summer '09
In storytime this week, the kids were given shiny scarves to throw in the air and act like they were falling leaves. Nolan decided to be the class clown and put his scarf on his head and yell, "I'm wearing a kabuska!" (In case you are not familar with babushka). Everyone; fellow moms & grandma's, librarian, even other little 2 year olds busted up. That's my boy.
Pre-story time playing Reagan's fave spot
It was a gorgeous day, so instead of usual stop at Chik-A-Yeah after storytime, we headed to the park. I got to go take a few pictures while Grammy and the kids played. Of course, I took a million more pictures of the kids. I just can't resist their Campbell Soup faces.
The Three Amigos

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