Thursday, October 22, 2009

Eastlake's Finest
We stopped by our local fire dept. today so the kids could say hello to my mom's neighbor who works there. Really, we went to climb all over the trucks, but hey, it was because of her that we got to do that.
When we pulled in all the hoses were unrolled and filled. It was the yearly pressure check. Our timing couldn't have been better. What is more fun than 2 2-year olds and a bunch of hoses?! Of course, it also gave me an opportunity to say something totally stupid, like "Wow those are some big hoses you've got there." Yeah, I don't get out much anymore. Kind of lost my ability to socialize and tend to say whatever pops into my head. Kind of like a 2 year old.
I found the visit very informative because I got my burning question answered. Last month I kept seeing other local firetrucks using this big tube thing in the front yard of the fire station. It is a tester of some sort and our city is the only one that has it. Each truck is required to be checked once a year.
I also got the scoop on the fire that happened at an apartment building just down the street from the firehouse last week. We had been driving home and when we got to the intersection, Nolan saw all the flashing lights so we went to check it out. We had missed all the action, but I did see a news story on it. The fireman that was showing us around today happened to be interviewed for it and I mentioned that I saw him on TV.
I also mentioned that we saw them practicing with the jaws of life on a couple of cars this week in the empty lot on our exploring route.
After I mentioned the last two things, I said, "yeah, we kind of stalk out the firetrucks. You know, for the kids." Again with the stupid comments.
At this point he said goodbye and closed the doors.
No really, they were all super nice to us. They let the kids climb in ambulances and firetrucks. They gave them hats and badges. They even let them drag the hoses around and play with them.
Full days photos here: There's some artsy ones and scenic shots of the Chagrin River as well, so if you enjoy those, take a peek.
A big THANK YOU to firefighters everywhere. Thanks for being there when we need you!

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Ashley Langtry said...

"For the kids..." Right Shel. I remember your mom obsessing over firemen, and I am pretty sure this obsession is getting past down three generations now.