Sunday, March 2, 2008

Blah, Blah, Blah

Cold. Snow. Rain. Snow melts. Sunshine. Clipper coming. More snow. and on. and on. What did that damn groundhog say anyway?

We were stuck in the house for most of the week due to a snowstorm that closed schools for a couple of days in the area. We played, watched our sign language video a few times, and cleaned out the kids dressers. Finally on Friday we got out and took the kids to the Y for more swimming fun. They did really well this time. Without other kids to induce a panic, they got into being in the water quickly. Nolan was moving his body like his feet were a fin and Reagan loved floating on her back.

On Saturday morning, I got to go to the Y on my own. It was so nice to walk on a treadmill and ride a bike and just zone out for a while. That is right, I am saying exercise was nice! No worrying about who was touching the TV, banging their head, being hungry, needing a diaper, etc. Just me being me for a little while.

I picked the kids and my mom up and then headed to Wild Oats and Trader Joe's. Never again on a Saturday will I step foot in Trader Joe's. Besides the fact that they don't carry my favorite quick marinade anymore, the place was a zoo. Why, why, why does TJ's do this? As soon as I fall in love with an item, they stop carrying it. At least this is not as bad as when they discontinued the rice crackers that were getting me through my first trimester. Talk about almost going postal! Nolan was so over it by the time we got to the check out. Reagan was dancing in the shopping cart and having a grand time a few aisles over with Grammy. Nolan was so tired, yet never really got a good nap, thus this is what happened during dinner with Aunt Jan and Uncle John! Really, it does not reflect on the company ;-) We had a wonderful evening, as we always do with John & Jan.
Poor sleepy boy.

Today my mom and I took the kids to the Y to swim again. It is rough for my mom with her back problems so I have to do all the heavy lifting. She helps out as much as she can and I know it is frustrating for her to not be able to do more. It is getting so hard for me to carry both kids for any length of time though. They are pushing twenty lbs. each, so it is exhausting. I am determined that they will do all the things I'd do if we only had a singleton. They are not going to miss out on anything due to the logistics of being a twin. I've got a hip carrier I'm going to have to dig out so my back gets a little break though.

Now that Miss Reagan is standing a lot, her clumsy side has come out. She looks like she ran through the woods with reckless abandon. Scratches and bruises abound. She just needs to learn to sit down slowly to get back to crawling instead of taking a header against the corner guard on the end table so hard that she rips the guard off as she falls.
That is it from our corner of the world. Hope you are doing well in yours!

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