Monday, February 25, 2008

Gym & Swim

Today was our first day of Gym & Swim at the Y. Bill took some vacation time for some house stuff, but took a break to go to their first day. He was so glad he did; it was just too cute! They are so lucky to have a Daddy that cares so much about their day to day happenings.

For gym time there are a few exercises and stretches, but it is mainly free play on the mats and these soft blocks, rockers, slides, etc. I was very happy with the way Reagan and Nolan interacted with the other kids. Reagan took right to playing and even crawled up to a mom she had never met before and tried to use her to stand up on. Nolan was interested in the kids to a point, but they put some toys out and he loved this one rattle so it consumed his gym time. When the teacher was taking attendance, she called Nolan's name, and he raised his arm to wave at I am!

After gym time, we headed to the lockers to get ready for swim time. Nolan was very nervous when he and Bill first got in the water. Lots of whining and some of his "fake" crying. Then some of the other kids started crying so it became contagious. Bill would stand up with him and reassure him and then they would go back to floating around. He calmed down and really seemed to have a good time.

Miss Reagan is going to be a water bug, like her mama. She only seemed to get anxious when the other kids would start (one had a complete meltdown and had to leave class), otherwise she was fine. She seemed to enjoy floating on her back, although instead of stretching her legs out she kept them straight up in the air. Synchronized swimming at such a young age!

Look at Nolan clinging to Bill!

Reagan's bathing suit is super cute. It has a little ruffle around the middle and has flowers on it. It is a bit low-cut so we have to watch the cleavage :-) She is still enjoying sticking her tongue out all the time.
I'll tell you, it was exhausting for all of us. They took a good nap and even I caught a few zzzz's. I usually use nap time to do my consulting work or catch up around the house, but not today!
One funny note that will amuse anyone that was part of our Brickhouse Days. For those not familiar, the Brickhouse was a bar in Willoughby (right across the street from the Y) that Bill was the DJ for every Thursday night. There was a whole crew of us that would attend--this is how we all met Bill-- and take full advantage of the ladies drink specials. One poor soul was the "shepherd" (our term for the designated driver) for the night, usually our friend, Pork Chop. God bless him.....he made sure all the "sheep" (our term for drunk girls who would do things to torment him on purpose) got home safely and didn't do anything too embarrassing (or against the law) for the evening. He also kept a quote book of anything "witty" (have to use that term loosely since we were generally pretty drunk) we would say. There was one night in particular that some of the girls went outside for some air and had a rather ruckus conversation and Chops pen was flying. Many of those quotes came from Tracy D. Fast forward 10 years (yes, 10 years!!!!!!) to today at the Y. We are getting signed in and the door to the childwatch center door opens (place you can drop your kid off while you work out) and out strolls Tracy D. She is the childwatcher!!!!! Oh, the irony. She is going to be my children's "shepherd!"


Anonymous said...

It's so funny to see that Nolan, who went through hell and a now our timid fella. And Little Missy is the Fearless Wonder!

What a hoot. Nonetheless, I think that you are exposing them to fabulous things and this sounds like a sensational program for them. And for you. Great memories.

Linda Griffith

Elsha said...

The kids look adorable - they will be true water babies before you realise! Love Reagans swimsuit - it's gorgeous!