Friday, February 22, 2008

Son Of A B^#@h*

I am with these kids basically 24/7. They cry, I comfort. Their bellies growl, I make food. They poop, I clean. They laugh, I laugh.

Thursday after work, Bill was on his way to a beer dinner at Bar Cento (his Valentine's Day gift from the kids and I) and he wanted to say good night to them. I put the phone to Nolan's ear and told him to say hi to Daddy. "Hi Dad-dee" flowed from his lips. Bill thought it was me joking around. Nope. From the mouth of the babe.

Friday morning Nolan pulled himself up on the blockade from the living room into the dining room and looked at Bill who was sitting at the kitchen bar working at his PC and said "Hi Dad-dee". Clear as a bell.

Early Saturday AM (4:05am to be exact) Nolan woke (we are guessing) due to teething pain. I know we are creating a monster, but we try to calm him and if that doesn't work, we bring him into our bed so he won't create a ruckus and wake his sister, besides we want/need sleep and he will just keep waking every few minutes crying. He settled into his boppy pillow in between Bill and I and commenced a conversation with his pacifier. Da-da? Dad-dee.....and on and on. I finally told him that it was ma-ma that got him out of his crib and maybe he could show me a little love........ SO HE DID! MA-MA, he said. FINALLY. I woke Bill up because I was so excited!

However, the rest of day has been all Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da.

On Monday morning when there is poop in his pants and hunger in his tummy, we'll see who Nolan's "Dad-dee" is!

*This post is all in good fun. I understand the lingual aspects of a child's development and that the "d" sound is one of the first they make, even those ours made a "K" sound first --Kitty Cat! But come on!!!!!

Pay no attention to the baby behind the curtain.

Miss Suzy Snowflake.

The baby jail.

(Bill adds: Actually, as Sam and some others could appreciate, I originally gave this pic the caption, "Boys, Avenge Me! Avennnnnggge Me!"*)

Nolan getting ready for his 9 month/Easter pics. I was going to delete this pic since he is not doing anything in it, but then I started thinking about what the photographer said when I mentioned something about his scar. She said she didn't notice it until she was really close to him and looking down from above. He is healing so well that as soon as he gets a haircut and evens things out, I don't think you will notice it very much at all. Let's hope he inherits my thick locks! Anyway, here is a shot of Nolan 6 weeks post-op.

*For those not in the know, that comes from the 1984 classic Red Dawn, starring Patrick "nobody puts Russkie in a corner" Swayze

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