Friday, February 15, 2008

Doctor, Doctor, Doctor

The week of doctor visits is over, and all is well, big sigh of relief.

Monday we saw the neurosurgeon. He is very pleased with the results and he said Nolan doesn't need to see him anymore, unless we feel a need in the future. So, bye-bye Dr. Luciano. He is a nice man and a skilled surgeon, but I hope we never need his services again!

Wednesday we saw Dr. Papay, the cranial-facial plastic surgeon. He is still 100% pleased with the way Nolan's surgery came out. We need to see him in 5 months to take some "after" pictures and to touch base and then we will be done with him, unless we feel a need. Woo-hoo!

Friday was the 9 month checkup. The new doctor was very nice and the kids seemed to really like her. They are such hams though. They know to smile for the flash of a camera, so when she turned the light on to check their eyes, they put on their biggest, brightest smile. SAY CHEESE! They didn't need shots, but did get a blood test to check for anemia and a lead test. In hindsight the shots would have been easier. Taking blood from a 9 month old just sucks. Plain and simple. Plus the kids seem to have "deep veins" so the tech had to literally dig around in their elbow for a vein. Very traumatic for Reagan, Nolan, Mommy and Daddy.

Can you guess which stats belong to which kid*?
19lbs 13.5 oz, 28"
19 lbs 10oz, 27 1/2"
* hint-they have flipped size-wise since being born

No more doctor appts until May when we set up surgery to remove the cyst on Nolan's neck, the follow-up with the ophthalmologist for his astigmatism, and the dreaded 12 month check up with the ped where we will discuss delaying the MMR vaccine. Yes, I am one of THOSE parents that is still not convinced autism is not linked in some way to vaccines so we are taking a cautious approach to them.

Here is a short video of NOlan's latest..... he learned to shake his head NO. I'm trying to get one of Reagan saying 'kitty', but as soon as she sees the camera she stops what she is doing to smile. HAM!

Some pictures from the last few days:

Uncle Sam & Aunt Deb brought the kids cookies with blue frosting that turns your lips and tongue blue. Of course, this is the one picture Nolan has taken his whole life where he isn't smiling to show it off. He does have some blue in the corner. Reagan was just being silly.

They went to their friend, Isabella's, 1st birthday party on Sunday. I don't know if Reagan is just getting used to her new car seat (no more carriers-Mommy is so sad) and didn't want to nap during the 50 minute drive, but once she got to the party she was tired and commenced screaming every once ina while in tones that only dogs should hear! Not super-stellar behavior. Seriously, she wasn't that bad, but just not the exceptional behavior I am used to. Anyway, here they are all dressed up. (thanks for the hand-me-down dress Bobby & Jenny!)

Playing nice together

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