Sunday, February 10, 2008

Look Ma, No Hands!

Well, almost no hands. Look what Nolan can do!!! He is pulling himself up to standing on EVERYTHING. They both act like they want to walk at any minute. Then my biggest fear will be realized. Picture it..... It is a summer day and I take Reagan and Nolan to the baby pool. They get out of their stroller to go into the water and decide to take off on me, in opposite directions. One is headed for the water and one for the parking lot. WHAT DO I DO? I never thought much about those backpack leashes until now. If you care enough about a dog to protect it from running into harm’s way, why not do the same for your child-especially when there are more of them than you!

This is the week of doctor appointments. Neurosurgeon on Monday, cranial-facial on Wednesday, and 9 month pediatrician on Friday. It is a new pediatrician so I'm not looking forward to that visit. I just can't trust the kids previous ped after he basically admitted to me that he dropped the ball with Nolan's craniosynostosis diagnosis and should have ordered x-rays at 3 months of age as a follow up to the ones he did at 1 month. If it had been caught then the surgery could have been done endoscopically. It is hard for a parent to hear the words "It doesn't help you, but now I'll know for the next kid." I know the other 2 appointments are going to go well since Nolan doesn't look or act like he had his head cut open just 4 weeks ago AT. ALL. I'm more worried about getting to the appt on Monday morning. We have severe wind chills and blowing/drifting snow. At the moment, I can't see the houses across the street.

Both the kids have colds, but I guess we'll have that now that we are back to being out and about. Germs are everywhere and strangers insist on touching Reagan and Nolan. I was never a toucher of a stranger’s kid, so I just don't get it. I don't know you so why would I want your hand on my kids cheek or touching his/her hand. I don't know where your hand has been and as soon as you leave they are going to stick that hand in their mouth!!!!!! I digress.

I had a nice evening out with some girlfriends on Friday. We ate at the Grovewood Tavern . GNO's (girl night out) are always so fun and don't happen nearly often enough. After a few glasses bottles of wine, I was waxing poetic (not sure if it was out loud or just in my head), about my 'circle of friends.' Now, if you've ever been to a 4th of July party at our house (well, I guess you've never been to one at our current house just yet) you know that we have a very eclectic group of friends.

Some of our friends are our relatives, others are people that share our common interests of food and wine, others we know from back in the 'bar days', some are internet friends, some are friends that we've met because of work, and others are those that we've known for many years from college, grade school, and even as far back as toddlerhood. Age 1 to be exact (we moved to the 'burbs on my 1st birthday.) It is so important to take the time from the craziness we call life to stop for a few hours and catch up with the people that we hold dear to our hearts. I think it says a lot that we have such a collection of wonderful people in our lives and now in Reagan and Nolan's lives as well. They are so blessed to have some many aunts, uncles, cousins, and even extra grandparents! They don't know lucky they are.....yet!

Here they are laughing hysterically because I was fake sneezing. They love that. It is funny though, if Reagan is over tired and you sneeze, cough, or make any sudden loud sound, she will scream as if you just beheaded her favorite teddy.

I just love these smiles so much!

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Anonymous said...

They look like little angels!!! They are growing so fast! I hope you like the new ped!!! I'm glad your girls night out went well, sorry I missed it!!!
Kisses to all!