Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Next Iron Chefs

Move over Michael Symon, there are some new chefs in town.

We met some friends at Bar Cento for Tuesday kids cookin' night. Kids get a chef's hat and they get to pick all the toppings and create their very own masterpiece pizza. The creation Maddie made looked wonderful.....fresh mozzarella & nice pepperoni. They had all sorts of toppings to choose from, all local or organic. While Reagan and Nolan were not up for making their own 'za, they did enjoy the hat. Perhaps a little too much as there is a bite out of the top of it. It is a very creative way to get a "bar" packed on a Tuesday night. The best part is pizza night starts at 4p, which is great since by 7p we are ready for bed! Loads of familes having a great time together with GREAT food option for the parents.

Anyway it was fun and we finally got to meet some folks we have been corresponding with on the food forum for a long time. They have two little ones (3 yrs and 6 weeks) so it was nice to not be the only ones in the place juggling two kids! We'll be back, I'm already craving the bianco pizza I had and the bite of Bill's burger was divine. The pumpkin ravioli is calling my name for our next visit.

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