Saturday, February 2, 2008

Lions and Tigers and Bears..... OH MY!

Reagan and Nolan were invited to a birthday party at the zoo today. It was inside the Rainforest, so it warm and humid. It was a slice of heaven in the middle of Cleveland winter. Why haven't I been there before? Maybe 5 times a week during the winter doldrums!!!!!

Reagan and Nolan seemed to have a great time. We got to hang with "Uncle" Ed & "Cousin" Nate which is always fun. The kids didn't make a peep as we strolled through the "jungle," they just took it all in. I'm sure Reagan was happy to see one of her favorite things; leaves! They enjoyed the birthday party part and got their first taste of ice cream. Once they got beyond the temperature (they both dislike cold stuff) they seemed to like it just OK. Reagan would much rather eat yogurt and Nolan goes for veggies. Fine by me. Maybe me taking the time to make their baby food and keeping them away from processed stuff for their first tastes is paying off.

Nolan has become quite the ham. He knows to smile for the camera.... or do other faces :-)

Reagan hanging with Daddy at party (and giving him a left hook!) She was so excited to be enjoying the leaves!

Party Hats!

I had a good time too. Bill pushed the kids around so I could take pictures. I'm not one to brag about the things I think I excel at, but I took some really nice pictures today. I'm hoping to use some of them around the house. We really need to get some stuff hung on the walls and I consider some of my photography worth displaying. Hopefully some of the shots I took today will print nicely.

On Friday we met friends, "Uncle" John & "Aunt" Jan at Cowboy for dinner. We used to really enjoy this place when it was under the previous ownership. It is just OK now, but it was still a good time because we shared time with friends. The kids tried out their Fisher Price Booster Seats for the first time. They did well in them, but I just can't believe they are big enough for them.

Nolan and Reagan perusing their first "kids menu" from their new booster seats.

They are both crawling..... Nolan at break-neck speeds and now Reagan following behind, slow but sure. I know she would rather be walking. Reagan definitively says two words. "Kitty" and "OK." Kitty is obvious since we have three of them running around the house. The cats are all very good with the kids and hang around them until they get grabby. The "OK" is funny because both Bill and I will be talking to the kids and we almost always end a sentence with OK? As if looking for affirmation the we are doing something the kids are happy about. Guess she can't help but say it! She uses it at appropriate times too. We were taking a walk the other day (the only day in the past 4 months that was warm enough to do that) and she was looking up at trees longingly and I told her we would be going to the zoo on Saturday and she would see leaves then. She answered with a sigh and and "OK!" Nolan would rather make raspberries than talk..... just a warning if you plan to sit near him any time soon!

I look back at pictures from the day they were born and I just can't believe they are almost 9 months old. When they were born I swore I wouldn't let time go fast; that I would savor every day. I have done that, but time still just seems to get away from me. These kids will be driving the next time I turn around! I've already begun to think about their 1st birthday party, so take this as a Save The Date for May 10th!

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