Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Go Ahead, Have A Good Laugh

On Friday we became one of those people. The people that used to drive nice cars until they have children and then suddenly, a rolling jumble of storage compartments, power doors, and 18 cupholders suddenly become cool.

Yes, we have become mini-van owners!
I have to say, while it is nothing special to drive, the Dodge Grand Caravan is really nice and comfortable. It has a ton of storage and the middle row of seats fold completely into the floor. Another feature I find really awesome are the tailgate seats. The rear seats turn around and you can sit in them when you are tailgating or at the drive-in. These will come in handy when we go to Browns games this year..... and we will be going to more than the one game we went to last season!
Don't worry, there is no way in Hell Bill will ever give up being a Porsche owner, so when the urge to really DRIVE a car hits, we can still do that. (Bill adds: damn-straight, skippy. I gotta admit that it rides well, there are no hauling issues with this thing, it has a LOT of features including free Sirius for a year, and between the tier-I supplier discount and a wheelbarrow full of rebates they practically PAID us to drive it off the lot.)

Easter was awesome this year!!! The kids had a great time, we shared the day with my mom, Sam & Deb, John & Jan, and Joey. The food was fabulous. From the $120 ham we had for a starter (Bill adds: that's $120 a pound Iberian ham, that has a texture like butter), to the panettone bread pudding, it was all SO good. I had to take three pictures to get all of the food in. The kids looked so cute dressed up, they ate a little bit of everything, and they played with all their new stuff. An all around wonderful day.

Kids all ready for Easter

The next three are compliments of Ed Chuey. Uncle Ed and Aunt Eleanor are both great photographers and they caught some cute moments between Reagan and Grammy, Nolan and his ears, and Reagan being Reagan.

Easter Morning

Stuffing, grilled asparagus w/balsamic reduction, honey-mustard glazed turkey

smoked kielbsa, bread, cheesy corn bake

braised cabbage, ham, and amish style mashed potatoes

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