Friday, August 20, 2010

Downtown Photo Challenge

My BFF mentioned a photo contest to me at the beginning of summer. I promptly forgot about it until last night. I googled it and found the deadline to be the very next day. I never used to be an under-the-wire kind of person, right?

My entries.

Category: Living City
Living City

Cleveland would be nothing without Clevelanders. Whether it's large scale events, small informal happenings, spontaneous moments on the street, interactions among friends or between strangers... it is people that bring the city to life. Submit your best images of Cleveland's great citizens and visitors to this category.

Catergory: Future Forward
Future Forward
In this category we are looking for images that exemplify growth, optimism and positive change around Downtown. What are Clevelanders doing to make the best of hard times? What types of projects are people taking on? How are businesses weathering the economy? What are people doing to stay positive? Submit your photographs that you feel show a bright future for our city! These shots may be altered to allow for creative expression.

Wish me luck!

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