Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Five Dolla

We've tailgated for a lot of years.

In the Muni lot.

In the Burke lot.

In many other unnamed lots.

We found our home in "The Pit."

This past week, the geniuses at Network Parking decided to charge $5 for "Pedestrian Traffic."

Sure there are lots of people that come down to The Pit to join their friends for some beverages, food and fun before the game. We have one in our group of season ticket holders. He does the responsible thing by taking the Rapid and meeting up with us. We pay $30, yes 30 bones to park and set up camp for the morning. There are usually 3 of us in our car and then another car that holds 2 people, pays $30 more bones and meets up with us.

Apparently that is not enough for the greedy folks at Network Parking. They suddenly decided, and from what I hear they did it without the proper permits, to charge $5 for people walking in.

We Are Not Just Going to Bend Over And Take It!
A fellow blogger, Cleveland's a Plum,  has a bigger voice than me and has taken to the airwaves.

Might seem trivial to some of you, but Clevelanders are passionate about their Browns (yes, even the 1-3 Browns....hey, we've seen worse teams!) and their tailgating.....and having an extra $5 in their pocket.

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