Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Final Draw

I got a little tricky and took Nolan in for his bloodwork a day early. The waiting is always so torturous for me and his test was scheduled for Wednesday, July 27, which is my birthday. I just didn't want that day to be filled with aniexty (not that my birthday is a big deal anymore. I'm not acknowledging them after this year, so maybe this should have been a big one, huh?)

Anyway....back to our super platelet maker. His count today was 347,000 which is a slight increase from the last draw. The nurse then said, "well, this is your lucky day. NO MORE BLOOD DRAWS!"

No birthday gift could ever top that deep breath I was finally able to take when I hung up the phone.

Not all kids or adults are as lucky as Nolan and ITP becomes a chronic disease requiring treatment when platelet counts drop to levels that could cause internal bleeding. The treatments all have side effects and the surgical removal of the spleen is often a final step.

I am so thankful we only had to explore two treatment options. They both involved antibodies extracted from the plasma of THOUSANDS of blood donors. So thank you to those thousands of donors that help save people's lives on a daily basis.

Thank you to several of my friends that donated in the weeks after Nolan was first hospitalized. That meant a lot to me.

If you don't already donate, please consider stopping the next time you see a Red Cross blood drive. You never know who you may help!

Every drop really does count.

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