Monday, March 12, 2012

Grandpa Fred Retires and I Knock Another Reso Off My 2012 Try List

In January, I made a goal to try 10 new-to-me restaurants in 2012. We knew we'd get to SOHO sooner rather than later and we can't wait to go back.

Honestly, I forgot about the list while getting ready for our trip to San Francisco in February. We also fall into old habits easily and always end up at the faves nearby, Ballantine for example.

When we returned from San Francisco, Grandpa Fred's retirment from Cleveland television was set for February 22. We were lucky enough to be able to go to the studio and watch his last show and even get to be on the set with him for the last segment. It will be a memory I treasure forever. He kissed each twinado on the top of the head as he talked about how glad he was that they could share the day with him. Thank goodness all you could see of me on TV was one hand holding a champagne glass and the other holding my camera because the tears were flowing. They don't yet completely understand how lucky they are to have him in their life.

A true gentlemen and scholar with a kind word for anyone he meets.
We were on-air and I quickly snapped this. I (and I know Bill was too) was honored to stand behind Fred as he did a farewell speech. Even more pleasing is that he considers our kids his honorary Grandkids and had one of them on each knee for this momentous occasion.

After the show, we adjourned to the wine "room" at L'Albatros for a celebratory lunch.

L'Albatros is a beautiful space with lots of natural light during the day in the dining room, however the wine room is very dark. No windows, metal garage-type shelves for the wine that they sandwiched in a large banquette seating area, and hung a vineyard scene on one wall. Probably at night, it is a sexy, romantic setting, but in the daytime, with all that wonderful light streaming in it felt confining.

The food was good; the company better. I enjoy Zach's Chinato a little more. The cheese selections at L'Albatros were fabulous however. I'm glad I got to try it and would enjoy going back for lunch another time to enjoy the regular dining area.

I've got 8 more places to knock off my list first though.


2. L'Albatros

3. Spice Kitchen & Bar

4. Sun Luck Garden

5. Fat Casual BBQ

6. Bac

7. Crop Bistro

8. Deagan's Kitchen

9. Pura Vida

10. Pranzo


Nancy Heller said...
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Nancy Heller said...

We were still in Florida, but I got to watch most of it online later - how special for the Twinadoes (and Mommy and Daddy)!

Let me know when you knock Sun Luck Garden off your list, if you want company. We are way, way, overdue for a visit there!