Friday, November 9, 2012

10 To Try in 2012. Fail.

10 restaurants I want to try this year: 

2. L'Albatros
3. Spice Kitchen & Bar
4. Sun Luck Garden
5. Fat Casual BBQ
6. Bac
7. Crop Bistro
8. Deagan's Kitchen
9. Pura Vida
10. Pranzo much for my 10 To Try in '12! I know there are 7 weeks left in the year, so I may knock another one of the list, but let's face it, I've had 45 weeks to get to 10 places and I've made it just FOUR (well, technically 5 but it was for a party and only tasted a sample from Crop!)

 I'm not confident I'll make it to one more on my list this year! 

One I love, love, love. SOHO. 

One I really, really, like. Deagan's. 

One was good, but not my fave. L'Albartros.

And the other one, I'm just not feeling. There is much better Italian food in DTW at Fauncee's for a lot less money than at Pranzo.

I look at Spice every time we go to Happy Dog, but still have not made it.

I've had some of Fat Casual's meat on a steam bun from Noodlecat, does that count for anything?! 

The other 3 I haven't even laid eyes on this year. 

The problem is two-fold. One we don't get out enough. Two, we are creatures of habit.

Nolan could eat Ramen from Noodlecat (and I'm not going to lie, I crave the chicken steam bun).

Reagan and Daddy are two peas in a beer pod, in that the love Ballantine and Fat Head's. 

And me, well I'm on a Food Network show professing my love for Momocho's Machaca. (insert "that's what she said joke".)
(I'm in the first minute, again around 3 min, and again around 5min.)

So, I'm carrying over Spice Kitchen & Bar, Bac, and Crop to 2013 since they are in locations we tend to go to more often. I need 7 more. Tell me what I must try in this city and if I haven't tried it, I'll put it on the list. 


Lora Hay said...

Jack and I did Crop Bistro...Excellent food..service was ok...atmosphere was incredible, but loud because of the high ceilings..I would def go again.

Lorraine Gauvin said...

Beachclub Bistro, Mitchell's Fish Market--both regulars on my list!