Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Swestest Valentines

The night before Valentine's Day, we met Bill for dinner at Ballantine. Nolan had planned to tell Bill that he needed to take him shopping for a ruby necklace for me for Valentine's Day. Nolan had it set in his mind that I NEEDED that ruby red necklace in the shape of a heart for many reasons. The heart for love, the red for my birthstone and his favorite color and he wanted to buy something from the counter at Macy's for me.

Post-dinner plans got away from us and the kids and I came home while Bill stayed at Ballantine to knock some more beers off his IPAlooza list. The kids and I walked in the house and Nolan burst into tears in the kitchen. "I forgot to tell Daddy we needed to go shopping. You need a necklace and now I won't have anything for you on Valentine's Day." He sobbed and it brought me to tears. I hugged him tight and told him that he and his sister were the best gifts a Mommy could ever ask for and he could get me a necklace on Friday or Saturday and I would love it just as much, but he was insistent that I have it the very next day or it wasn't going to be right.

He was still teary as I put them to bed and I did my best to reassure him that it would all work out and no matter when I got this special gift, it would be just perfect. He still wasn't having any other option that going shopping the very next day.

As soon as he got up on Valentine's Day, he called Bill at work. He told him he needed to go shopping. Bill agreed. Bill came home a little early with flowers, and then loaded up the twinadoes for necklace shopping.

They did good.

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