Saturday, June 19, 2010

Missing My Dad

Happy Father's Day to my baby-daddy! The twinadoes are lucky to have you.

Father's Day has been tough for me for the past decade and this one will be even worse as we will be putting my Grandpa to rest this weekend.

I was thinking back to my last Father's Day with my Dad and wanted to share something I wrote 10 years ago to give to my Dad on his last Father's Day with us. We all knew the end was coming and, even though I told him everyday how much I loved him I still wanted to say it all to him.

I can't believe it has been almost a decade that he is gone. I am sad for all the things he has missed; my wedding, my babies, and for my kids not having that awesome man in their lives.

I was so lucky to be "Daddy's Little Girl" though.

From the day a little girl is born, she is Daddy’s Little Girl.
It isn’t until later that she realizes why.

Dad, you’ve taught me some of life’s most important lessons,
and some of the more fun lessons of life. I couldn’t
have picked a better teacher myself.

I’ve learned that sometimes you do things you don’t want to-
No matter how cute I looked standing at the bus stop
in my little raincoat, you had to make me go to school,
even though I really didn’t want to, but I think it hurt
you more than it did me.

I’ve learned the power of just being happy for others-
Sometimes, even if you know it’s a mistake, you are
happy for someone because they are happy,
and when they realize they were wrong, you
are there to be a shoulder to lean on.

I’ve learned the importance of putting others needs before yours-
You didn’t really want to put up a pool every
summer, go to Disney World (except for Small
World and Pirates of the Caribbean), or sit in
a frozen tundra so your daughter could go to
a concert, but you did.

I’ve learned that fun things can hurt you if you aren’t careful-
Always wear long pants and a helmet on a motorcycle!

I’ve learned the importance of putting up with little annoyances-
The clicker on my Green Machine drove you crazy,
MTV was your worst nightmare, no more Duran Duran,
or me roller skating to the Bee Gee’s all summer.

I’ve learned the power of a relaxing afternoon in the backyard-
Sometimes the only place to ponder life’s wonders
is in the backyard with a cold beer and a cigar.

I’ve learned that beer still tastes bad & always will-
Ever since the first sip I took in the driveway
at age 10 or 11(that I quickly spit out), no matter
what you say, beer is evil!

I’ve learned that being a daddy’s girl makes me a more interesting woman-
Fishing, shooting guns, Friday night wrestling/tickling
sessions, playing pool, and Saturday lunches at
Beanies have made me a well rounded person.

I’ve learned that knowing another language makes you more charming-
Even if the only thing you can say is “le livre est sur
le tableau” or sing the refrain from Michele, Ma Belle.

I’ve learned the strength of the word Pride-
One memory I will have with me always is you
telling me how proud you were of me on my
College graduation day. Whenever I doubt myself
I think of that and I know I can endure.

The most important thing I’ve learned is endurance-
In the face of a challenge you’ve
taught me that you can keep going
long after you think you can’t.

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Ashley Langtry said...

***major hugs***
Our thoughts will be with you, your mom, and the rest of your clan tomorrow. I know it will be a tough one.
Your letter was beautiful!