Thursday, June 10, 2010

Waldameer- It's My Magic Kingdom

I've lived in NE Ohio for 30-something years. It was only last year that I first heard about Waldameer in Erie, Pa, a short 90 minute drive away.

It has a little feel of Cedar Point, a lot of Geauga Lake, and (according to my mom) some Euclid Beach thrown in as well. It is much smaller than any of those, but it is awesome and not overwhelming for the 3 year old crowd.

The twinadoes walked the whole park, several times. There were plenty of shaded spots to rest. You can bring your own food and drinks and there are loads of picnic spots. We ordered the main part of the meal there and I supplied the snacks, sides, and beverages. It was $20 for 2 burgers, 9 nuggets, a bucket of fries, and a slice of pizza. Not bad.

I have to say, the twinadoes do a lot of fun stuff, but this was one of the best days ever. There was no whining, everyone got along and we all so much fun. A magical kingdom for us!

Next time we go, we will check out the water park. It was a cool 70 degree day, which was perfect for the rides, but not the water.

If you have kids under 11-12 and are in the area, GO! Like me, you'll be planning your return trip!

Full photos here.

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