Sunday, July 11, 2010

I'll Fly Away

Another beautiful summer week is in the books.

Summer is just flying by.

Speaking of flying we headed to the airshow at Lost Nation Airport for the Gathering of Eagles XIV. Bill and I have gone to this event many times. He even took a ride in the Yankee Lady, a B-17 (bucket list) a few years before we were married with lots of other "responsibilities."  We took the kids when they were just over a year old so Daddy and Uncle Sam could introduce them to one of their passions; military aircraft. It is safe to say that we plan to make this a bi-yearly (because it only comes around every other year) tradition.

We arrived at the airshow and were quickly joined by Uncle John, Aunt Jan, Uncle Sam, & Aunt Deb. Again, 6 on 2 is the best ratio for twinado safety at events like this! It also allows me a little time to take pictures, something I can't really think about when I've got to keep one eye on a Whirling Dervish.

I say it all the time, but the twinadoes are SO SO SO SO lucky to have these four people in their lives. They have cared about them since the day we knew they existed when they were just 4 week in utero-even before that really, they have watched them grow from their first breath, and they are the people (besides Mommy, Daddy, & Grandmas) that the kids love most in this world. They know they are safe with them and better yet, I know they are safe with them.

After the airshow, we all retired to our backyard for some lunch, pool time, and margaritas. Lunch eventually turned into dinner and then a feature of Clifford's Really Big Movie.

It was an unexpected day of awesomeness. Sitting around with friends, a margarita in hand, watching planes fly over our house while the kids bopped around in the pool. No deck work, no housework, no errands.

A mini vacation in our own backyard.

We should do that more often!

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